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"Not all Companies are the same,
neither should your trade show displays" 

  trade show booth display rentals

  ELDS , INC....  Designer and innovators custom trade show booth display  rentals booth .  ELDS, INC has been in the design and manufacturing business for the past quarter of a century.  Our goal is to address our clientles  ROI  needs.  Our Mantra  is to provide an attractive trade show booth that our client may use to increase their ROI at trade fairs and events


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Trade show Display rentals that are second to non 


ELDS  provide eye catching  customised trade show exhibts rentals  tgahta are second to non. We  designoutr both to be simple and easy to set up. The client product or services are treated first and fomost.  Our exhibit booth are design to move and enhance you the client product and services as it should.  It makes no sense to design and booth that is atractive but do not enhance our client product    


ELDS not only help the client to cut costs, we innovate the client to ‘champion their value’ with a unique approach to marketing. We interface our creative designs with workmanship by our skilled artisans. End result? innovative, engaging trade show exhibits that meet and most times exceed our clients’ objectives.  


   Coupled with our socially conscious approach to the industry, we offer environmentally friendly displays with biodegradable fabrics and recyclable building materials. Apart from that, we help channel our client as to which displays suits their event or environment and the product/services that will propel their company’s image into the forefront with the end result – successful trade show booth bringing in good sales and a sensible return on investments.   


Custom trade showe displays for rentals. We provide custom trade show displays for rentals, rentals displays for las vegas and many other US states. Complete set up and dismantle for all trade show booth rentals.  



The best custom trade show for rentals. Custom design rental trade show booth display that are unique for each client, Affordable high quality custom design rental trade show booths



To begin, just give us a call or e-mail us, we will be pleased to begin a design process for you. Whether you have a 10x10 or a much larger exhibit booth ELDS,INC., will be more than happy to put together a display package for your upcoming trade show or event 



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