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With regards to conferences and traditions, Las Vegas gives more. Organizers have greater office space to browse. What’s more, individuals invest more energy in the public expo floor. Participation even expands 8 percent when occasions turn here. In addition, with 150,000 inn rooms, it’s the best gathering an incentive on the planet A portion of the biggest traditions and public exhibitions on the planet call Las Vegas home for one reason — our tradition focus can deal with the volume, activity and fantastic scale prerequisites that make a fruitful show. From CES to the World of Concrete, the Las Vegas Convention Center can suit a large number of square feet of floor space, open air display space, meeting rooms, preparing rooms and a lot of stopping. Exhibitors originated from everywhere throughout the world to display in Las Vegas. Exhibitors without a mixture need to put their best foot forward when showing in Las Vegas. A few Exhibitors go to various trade shows while others anticipate displaying once per year. Renting a custom trade show display can enable exhibitors to look awesome in either case for a small amount of the cost of owning you your public exhibition booth Point of fact, Las Vegas is the world’s head meeting and tradition goal, with more meeting space than some other city on the globe. Regardless of whether you need to have a private poolside blender, a rich meal for 10,000 individuals or a noteworthy universal tradition, Las Vegas gives the most entire, adaptable and broad offices and administrations on the planet

7 Ways to Make a Las Vegas Trade Show Work for You

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Upcoming show in Sin City? Follow these tips and you’ll see that making trade shows work for you in Las Vegas isn’t complicated—though the rewards can be outstanding! Set Aside Time to Enjoy the City – But Keep On Task Otherwise Las Vegas is a fun city and a great place to visit. So, give your staff some flexibility to choose to stay in the city after the show or to come in early to have some fun, see some shows, and relax. However, during the event itself everyone should stay focused on work. Make sure everyone knows that between meals, exhibiting, presentations, and rest there won’t be time for sightseeing or entertainment during exhibition days. Use the Monorai The monorail in Las Vegas has seven stations, arrives every 4-8 minutes, moves fast, and is one of the best ways for visitors to get around the city. Get passes and make it to your events faster and for less. Hire Local to Save Money Need more staff for your booth? Models, entertainers, event planners, handymen, and other labor is abundantly available in the city. Check your candidates’ reviews, hire local, and you may find yourself saving big on travel expenses. Know the Rules In Las Vegas exhibitors are barred from installing or dismantling any electrical equipment, AV equipment, or any freight that cannot be carried by hand inside the exhibit hall. To do these things and get your booth set up and taken down correctly and on time, you’ll need to work with the Union and follow their rules. Book well in advance  Vegas events fill up fast, which can make getting hotel rooms, tickets, and booth space a challenge. Set up these details as far in advance as possible to maximize your chances. Exploit the Vegas Effect The Vegas effect refers to the fact that events held in Sin City tend to attract 5-10% greater attendance simply because people love visiting the city. Prioritize Vegas events accordingly. Perfect Your Booth With so many more visitors and many more high-end shows being held in the city, it’s important that you put the best face on your brand possible. ELDS, Inc. can help you make the perfect event booth with high quality displays, banners, and other equipment. Call us today at (626) 969-3399 and remember that whatever you need, we are happy to provide!

Exhibits and Displays Available for Next Years’ Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

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Exhibits and Displays Available for Next Years’ Consumer Electronics Show The numbers are in and the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was a record breaking year. Over 18 days from first set up to final tear down more than 170,000 attendees from across the globe gathered on two and a half million net square feet of floor space, exhibiting and viewing cutting edge consumer electronic devices and concepts aimed at transforming the market spaces of tomorrow. In other words, CES was, is, and will be huge in terms of both sheer scope and opportunity, and the competition grows more intense every year. Make It Count If your company has an outstanding product or new innovation ready for the entire world to see during these few short days, then you need to make sure that it is highlighted and marketed in the best setting possible. And with the highly experienced and proven design team and fabricators at ELDS, Inc., you can. Endless Options Our stunning CES Trade show displays are available in a variety of styles with additional support and consultation available during the design, planning, and assembly stages. With an unmatched inventory and modern, in-house fabrication and printing services we’ll help you come up with a unique and custom-tailored booth that is then constructed, shipped, and assembled at the Las Angeles Convention Center in compliance with all applicable local regulations and event rules. Above and Beyond But our service goes beyond simply making a great booth made from great materials that’s delivered on-time and in great condition. ELDS, Inc. also works to make sure that: Your team is involved and fully up to date at every step of the purpose, thanks to our proprietary ProjectTrax project management system which provides regular updates and open channels for feedback and revision during the entire process. Your booth is successful and memorable. We’ll offer suggestions and give you examples of booths that went above and beyond, showcasing an item or brand in a new way that drew attention and made a real impact in customers’ minds. That your rental or purchase meets your needs during the next event and into the future. Call Today With decades of experience available ELDS, Inc. is the solution you need for CES Trade show exhibits and presentation equipment. So give us a call today at (626) 969-3399 to start your project

Rules for the SEMA Trade Show

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Rules for the SEMA Trade Show The SEMA Trade Show, hosted in the Las Vegas Convention Center by the Specialty Equipment Market Association, brings in over 2000 exhibitors to a show floor of a staggering 2 million square feet. And with over 60,000 domestic and international buyers in attendance, the stakes for exhibitors are high. This is why having the right trade show display matters, one that helps you stand out and make a solid impression. Unfortunately, regional regulations and show requirements place strict boundaries on the creativity of any particular exhibitor. Several of the most important rules to keep in mind include: Exhibit Space Selection Order: Spaces on the exhibit floor are parceled out in waves based on 1) SEMA membership status (members pick first) and 2) show seniority (the longest repeat exhibitors have earlier pick). Once it is a particular exhibitor’s turn to pick their location they will receive a telephone call and then will need to navigate to a certain website address to choose their location on the main floorplan. Booth Noise: There are two limits to the noise or music an exhibitor may project inside their booth. First, music (or any other sound) emitting from an exhibit space shall not exceed 85 decibels, and second, all music and entertainment must be in good taste and not include any lyrics that are “inflammatory, sexually explicit, sexist, gang-related or violent or that promote activities of any type that defame or denigrate women, law enforcement or other established authorities.” Violators may receive warnings but are subject to immediate closure of their exhibit. Lotteries and Contests: Drawings and raffles may be classic booth strategies, but anything that might be considered gambling is not permitted. At SEMA the operation of games of chance, lottery devices, or certain other competitions are prohibited unless approved in writing beforehand by show management. Booth Design: Among many other restrictions, any booth construction needs to follow OSHA regulations and union rules. For multilevel or covered booths, plans have to be submitted before the event starts and must also have an engineering stamp. Other rules include fire escape routes for the upper level, height restrictions, coverage restrictions, fire alarms for larger exhibits, and more. Fortunately, when you work with ELDS, Inc. you don’t have to worry about booth compliance. We’ll make sure that all SEMA trade show displays are fully compliant, installed on time, and taken down without trouble. All you have to worry about is presenting at the show itself! For more info or to design your own display, contact us at (626) 969-3399 today!