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Working the trade show floor isn’t like an average sales call, and even the best sales person can be flattened by the chaos, noise, and pressure of their first event. This makes training and preparation in the following three areas incredibly important for event staff:

1. Initiating Contact
Trade shows are full of rapid-fire human interaction, and equipping staff with good conversation starters helps get the ball rolling. These starters can be as simple as, “Where you guys from?” or, “Would you like to see a demonstration?” or even the ever-promising, “Wanna see the cool part?”
Whatever the opening, it is important that staff know how to quickly and clearly share the product or company’s best features and message in mere seconds after initiating contact, while still keeping the back and forth conversation flowing.
The last thing trade show event staff should be doing is huddling in the back of the exhibit, avoiding eye contact and looking at their phones. Instead, actively initiating these conversations helps break the ice, pull interested parties in, and opens up the lines of communication so that serious prospects feel free to ask questions and investigate the company or product further.

2. Filtering Prospects
Sorting prospects by their potential is an incredible time saver and can be accomplished easily. Use simple categories like HOT, WARM, and COOL and have staff create records as they go.
Hot prospects will be very interested, asking questions, visualizing future applications, and sharing details from their own needs. Warm and cool prospects are going to be less enthusiastic and more restrained but are still important, and collecting their contact info may in fact lead to sales later.

3. Prepping for Follow up
Hot prospects cool quickly and should be followed up on shortly after the event is over. Fortunately, staff can lay the groundwork for this follow-up during the show itself by gathering contact information, jotting down details bout the prospect’s needs or concerns, listing personal so that the follow-up feels more genuinely personal, and prioritizing the prospects who are most likely to buy based on the details they have provided.

Remember, with so much going on during this process it is important to properly set the stage first. The right trade show display layouts and booth designs will welcome in visitors, aid these interactions, avoids bottlenecks, and allow your staff to easily and efficiently convey your brand’s message. For more information on leading national trade show display rentals and sales contact ELDS, Inc. today at (626) 969-3399.