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Trade shows represent a huge commitment in terms of time, money, and energy, so make sure they are worth your while! Here are three ways to improve your trade show results during the coming year.

  • Go International

Overseas trade show appearances come with their own set of difficulties and logistical hurdles, but the benefits can be incredible. By traveling abroad your company has a chance to introduce your brand to an entirely new global audience and market. This can result in unique partnerships and explosive growth in unexpected quarters. Even a smaller team armed with a portable custom exhibit booth can have a big impact.

  • Tailor your Booth to your Audience and Personalize

A booth design or presentation strategy that works in one industry with one audience won’t necessarily have great results when translated to another industry with another distinct audience set. In the same way, the exact same demonstration and follow-up conversation won’t necessarily have the same impact on one booth visitor vs. another. Therefore it is important that presenters research their target audience and the character of their next conference, and then come up with a strategy tailored to that group, with enough built-in flexibility so that sales reps can also engage individuals on an individual, personal level. The last thing you want is a one-size-fits-all situation where each booth visitor receives a presentation that misses the point, and then has no chance of one-on-one interaction or connection later.

  • Bring a Showstopper


After a long day of visiting different booths and wandering the tradeshow floor, most displays and presenters will be forgotten by most visitors. With so much competition it is important that you find a show-stopping way to make your display stand out and stay memorable. There are many options to consider to accomplish this, including:
Tech demonstrations (Holograms, touch and feel station, large screens…)
Better-than-average giveaways (Apparel, wearable tech…)
Competitions with prizes (Trade show slalom, crafting projects, digital games…)
Monuments (Lego models, sculptures, projection art…)

Of course, no matter which trade show strategies you choose, remember to have fun and contact ELDS, Inc. by calling (626) 969-3399. Our in-house design team will work to come up with a custom exhibit booth design that meets your goals and fits your budget—even on short notice!