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From Anaheim to LA, sunny California is a major destination for trade shows of every size and description, and that can make for some busy schedules and hectic show floors. Fortunately, ELDS, Inc. has modern, high performing trade show display rentals for San Francisco, trade show display rentals for San Diego, and designs and components available for purchase or rental throughout the state.
So, for your next California trade show, consider trying out one of the following 7 on-the-rise trade show booth ideas to bring in visitors, streamline your pipeline, and make a great impression.

  • Host a Lounge
    Trade show floor space is at a premium for everyone, exhibitors and attendees included. This can make something as simple as a makeshift visitor lounge a great investment as guests flock to your tables and chairs to rest and recharge. Have staffers engage these visitors and you may be surprised at just how long the conversations run.
  • Charging Stations
    Complementing the lounge strategy nicely, charging stations for laptops and cell phones will bring in many grateful visitors and promote long conversations while they wait for their batteries to top off.
  • Touch Screens
    Interactivity is always beneficial, which makes touch screen stations a perfect solution for photo galleries, website navigation, visitor contact forms, or interactive presentations.
  • Lead Software
    Great software, hosted on touch screens or your website, streamlines your sales pipeline and can actually help close more deals than you might expect. A good system allows staffers to enter information quickly and easily, and should have enough polish to keep interested prospects on the hook if they are volunteering their info via a touch screen or cell phone. This software should, of course, be optimized for both computers and mobile devices.
  • Make a Charitable Effort
    Donating to charity immediately shifts visitor impressions of your brand. Consider donating for each business card received, each booth check-in or like on a mobile device, or some other contact collection method. Then advertise the donation campaign using signage and social media updates.