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scosche-900x600Have a trade show coming up? Wondering about what booth design or display your company should invest in to best connect with interested prospects? Well you’re in luck. ELDS, Inc. has a huge variety of high quality trade show booth components for both sale and for rent as well as an in-house design team and project management system to give your event team the support and assistance they need.
But under what conditions should you consider renting your next booth, instead of buying it outright?
Unique Designs
Renting gives your team valuable flexibility and room for creativity as each event display can be complete different. This means that you may change your event booth to suit different conferences, square footages, floor locations, or simply give your organization a fresh look.
Fewer Extra Expenses
Owning a trade show booth involves extra expenses that you might not expect. Things like shipping costs, storage costs, extra labor for the booth set-up, and more. Renting eliminates these extra costs and makes your overall trade show expenses more predictable.
Low Cost – Great Value
In the short term renting is usually cheaper than buying. Because you don’t purchase the structure of the booth, pay for storage, or pay for any repairs to the booth after multiple uses, the cost of your overall investment at any single show is much lower than if you buy and keep your booth between shows. This makes rentals a great cost saver for organizations with fewer trade shows on their annual schedule.
Consistent Quality
Booth components break down over time with ripping, tearing, fading, scuffing, and smudging. Eventually the booth may start to look shabby or require frequent component replacements or repairs. Rental equipment instead offers consistent, reliable quality without extra cost or worry.
Less Hassle
Even if storage isn’t a problem, owning an event booth still requires a great number of man-hours. Time is spent designing, ordering, loading, unloading, arranging shipping, setting the booth up, inspecting, tearing down, and more. There are also Capital Expenses and the paperwork that comes with them, as well as disposal considerations when the booth reaches the end of its life. Rentals make the process faster and smoother for your event team.
For more information on designing and renting your own event booth in 2016, contact ELDS, Inc. at (626) 969-3399.