in trade show tips by Dexter Powell

5 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Booth
Investing in a trade show booth is a great step, but one that is too often wasted by poor layout decisions or cut corners. Follow these 5 simple tips to optimize your booth setup and make the most of your investment.


  • 1. Open up your booth
    In an effort to reach more passersby, many exhibitors make a fatal mistake and close off their booth to incoming traffic with tables, banners, or displays. Avoid placing any barriers across your booth’s entrance and instead keep it clear and bottleneck free so more visitors can enter more easily.
  • 2. Maximize Lighting
    Countless attendees end up turning away from trade show booths because they can’t see demo materials, usually because the exhibitor didn’t realize that lighting would be an issue. The tall walls of trade show booths and the shadows they cast can often shroud your trade show booth presentations, making it hard for visitors to identify and connect with your product. ELDS, INC. has a wide selection of bright LED lights with flexible mountings available to counteract this problem.
  • 3. Cover Surfaces
    A table is a table, and when it comes to events any old fold out card table can be a useful addition to your setup. However, always keep in mind that appearances matter. Make a better impression and cover up your surfaces with tablecloths or custom-printed table covers that match your branding and smooth the rough edges of your equipment for a more polished, put-together impression.
  • 4. Go Vertical
    Trade shows are busy and visually distracting. Plus, space is at a premium. Maximize your visual profile while minimizing space used by investing in vertical banners or overhead banners. You’ll literally stand above the crowd and make it easier for attendees to find you.
  • 5. Go Big
    Remember, your future customers have plenty to look at and many distractions surrounding them. That means that subtlety will work against you. Big banners, big branding, and big visuals will help individuals more quickly understand what you are selling, who you are, and whether they should stop in.