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5 Tips for Small Business Booth Displays
Trade shows, conferences, conventions, and even local fairs can all be important opportunities for small businesses looking to make important connections, introduce new product, or build awareness in their industry. Whether your company has a trade show circuit that you run regularly or are exhibiting at only one or two events this year, here are five tips that can help.
1. Engage First, Then Sell
Trade show attendees may visit your booth simply because they are wandering, or because your booth design piqued their curiosity, or they may be seeking you out specifically based on what they have heard from others. In each case, it is to your advantage to engage these visitors personally as they enter. Have an open posture, welcome them with a smile, and ask them how they are doing. These first contacts should be friendly and relaxed, with the goal of building a connection with person. Once contact has been made, then you can follow up with a sales nudge like “Do you have any questions?” or “Would you like to see a demonstration?”
2. Tell your Story
Small businesses have a rare advantage in their stories and the ability of those stories to generate sympathy and connectivity. If you are with a small business be sure to tell how your company got its start and show the people and passion behind your product or service. Everyone loves an underdog and people love to support and reach out to small startups.
3. Check your Prices
Pricing can be a challenge, whether you are at a show or not. You want your prices to be competitive, and yet many small companies actually make the mistake of putting their prices too low. Reasonable or even high prices can convey quality in the right circumstances, and high prices matched with special trade show ‘specials’ can make customers feel as though they are getting an outstanding deal.
4. Turn Customers and Visitors into a Marketing Vehicle
Trade show display give aways, swag, or free samples with your company logo and contact info can turn booth visitors into marketing vectors. Just be sure that your giveaways are thematically appropriate, correctly identify your brand, product, or service, and are of high enough quality that visitors will keep and use them.
5. Invest in your Success
We’ve all heard that in order to make money you have to spend money—and when it comes to events it’s absolutely true. The quality of your display and presentation are just as important for success as the quality of the product or service you’re selling. ELDS, Inc. can help you buy the right booth equipment from the start as you set the stage for success. For details, samples, prices, or design assistance please contact our team at (626) 969-3399.