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Upcoming show in Sin City? Follow these tips and you’ll see that making trade shows work for you in Las Vegas isn’t complicated—though the rewards can be outstanding!

  • Set Aside Time to Enjoy the City – But Keep On Task Otherwise
    Las Vegas is a fun city and a great place to visit. So, give your staff some flexibility to choose to stay in the city after the show or to come in early to have some fun, see some shows, and relax. However, during the event itself everyone should stay focused on work. Make sure everyone knows that between meals, exhibiting, presentations, and rest there won’t be time for sightseeing or entertainment during exhibition days.
  • Use the Monorail
    The monorail in Las Vegas has seven stations, arrives every 4-8 minutes, moves fast, and is one of the best ways for visitors to get around the city. Get passes and make it to your events faster and for less.
  • Hire Local to Save Money
    Need more staff for your booth? Models, entertainers, event planners, handymen, and other labor is abundantly available in the city. Check your candidates’ reviews, hire local, and you may find yourself saving big on travel expenses.
  • Know the Rules
    In Las Vegas exhibitors are barred from installing or dismantling any electrical equipment, AV equipment, or any freight that cannot be carried by hand inside the exhibit hall. To do these things and get your booth set up and taken down correctly and on time, you’ll need to work with the Union and follow their rules.
  • Book Well In Advance
    Vegas events fill up fast, which can make getting hotel rooms, tickets, and booth space a challenge. Set up these details as far in advance as possible to maximize your chances.
  • Exploit the Vegas Effect
    The Vegas effect refers to the fact that events held in Sin City tend to attract 5-10% greater attendance simply because people love visiting the city. Prioritize Vegas events accordingly.
  • Perfect Your Booth
    With so many more visitors and many more high-end shows being held in the city, it’s important that you put the best face on your brand possible. ELDS, Inc. can help you make the perfect event booth with high quality displays, banners, and other equipment. Call us today at (626) 969-3399 and remember that whatever you need, we are happy to provide!