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8 Great Ways to Attract Attention to your Tradeshow Booth: Part 1

Committing to a trade show exhibit often means hours upon hours of time spent as the event team prepares everything from uniforms to scripts, hotels, flights, meals, displays, and more. But all of this time and energy is worth little unless the resulting tradeshow booth is able to attract and keep the attention of event visitors.
With that in mind, here are 8 tried and true ways to make sure visitors stop by your event booth and participate, even in the midst of widespread tradeshow competition.

  • Contests and Promotions

Competition fires visitors up, giving them a direct way to participate with your company or brand and making the experience far more memorable. Prizes to be won or drawn only widen the appeal. At one recent and highly technical trade show, for instance, Intel ran a three day challenge for visiting technicians, having teams of three compete at different challenges in a tournament system until a winning team was declared at the end. Other companies have hosted everything from paper airplane competitions to discount bingo. Simply be sure that each participant is required to submit information such as a business card or a completed response form, in exchange for participating,.

  • Reach Out On Social Media

Trade show social media pages light up during the event, and many platforms allow users to ‘check-in’ from the physical location of the trade show event. Posting invitations and directions to your booth on these channels, along with some sort of ‘hook’ or other attention-grabbing incentive, can bring in many visitors who otherwise might not have considered stopping by.

  • Active Greeting

Sometimes all visitors need is a smile and an active invitation to come in. Train event staff to be friendly, welcoming, and to initiate low-pressure contact in order to bring in visitors.

  • Booth Design

Significant customers are attracted to significant trade show booths, which makes the physical layout and design of your trade show display a vital foundation for your overall success. At ELDS, Inc. we can help your event team design custom double deck trade show displays, island displays, or pop up displays as you have need, with extensive rental and purchase options to fit your needs.
Check back soon for Part II!