in trade show tips by Dexter Powell

A New Perspective on Trade Show Display Costs

Trade Show Displays are an investment, and one that many companies hesitate to make. However, while a trade show may provide both concrete and hidden benefits, the true ROI behind your trade show display costs can be very hard to get a handle on. So let’s look at things from a new angle.

Up Front vs. Long Term
Let’s say an exhibitor purchases a $20,000 inline display for 200 square feet of space in order to present at four trade shows a year with the hope that the display holds up for at least five years. If we assume that the company spends $25,000 per show (which includes space, wages, airfare, hotels, meals, entertainment, transportation, and labor) then over the booth’s lifetime the one-time cost of the display vs. the total cost of trade show expenses will be less than 5%.

This 5% is a remarkably small slice of the total considering the tremendous impact custom trade show displays have on your performance and comfort at a particular event. Remember that your display is one of your greatest on-the-ground marketing tools, provides physical boundaries in which your interactions take place, and when designed optimally can have a measurable impact on your sales growth and ROI by setting the stage and bringing in valuable foot traffic.

Small Events
The same logic (on a smaller scale) follows for smaller events like job fairs or smaller cons, where pop up, table top, banner stand, and lightweight hybrid displays are far more common. When you compare the cost of a reusable booth to the costs of many other forms of advertising (TV, Radio, Adwords) the booth might just be the best money you spend all year!

Large Events
Still, the raw cost of a major, custom-designed booth can give many pause. But while a large island or double deck display bound for major industry shows in Las Vegas, Orlando, or Chicago does present a sizable investment up front, the long term benefits of a great design and the overall costs of presenting vs. expected ROI make the investment surprisingly affordable. This should give seasoned exhibitors confidence to buy the design they need up front instead of regretting a poor choice for years to come.

We Can Help
If you need further help estimating trade show exhibit costs, the design team and reps at ELDS, Inc. can help point you in the right direction. Whatever your needs or the size of your next event, our unmatched inventory and in-house design work and fabrication makes ELDS, Inc. the trade show solution you’ve been searching for! So call us today at (626) 969-3399.