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AAPEX is the industry’s largest trade show held annually. It runs concurrently with the SEMA Show, which is also held in Las Vegas every year at the Las Vegas Convention Center during Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week. The Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo is said to be North America’s largest automotive expo, which is of no surprise considering that thousands of buyers and suppliers that attend annually. A large number of attendees are made up of, but not limited to, importers, exporters, wholesalers, automotive manufacturers, and professionals. An estimated 3,000 exhibitors representing the $36 billion automotive aftermarket industry under one roof with over nearly 100,000 people attend AAPEX and view products, tools, and components with face-to-face interactions. This amazing event drew the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to all one place.
The AAPEX trade show also serves as an industry leader in the education sector and showcases new research and newly discovered trends. AAPEXedu is the education sector of AAPEX, and volunteers of the event work with other industry professionals to create a worth attending educational forum that addresses key issues impacting the aftermarket industry and serves as a complete educational and professional resource for the expo attendees.

Why AAPEX Trade Show Display Rentals?
It is an industry meeting place and a perfect networking platform with conferences, workshops. It is meant to grab opportunities to build business links to the leading premium brands.
A representation of products from different types of industries such as sound moderators, automotive hand tools, automotive lighting systems, engine and transmission parts, and much more, the entire event is designed to revolve around the automobile industry. An event that is a compilation of new trends, research, and education helps in the growth and development of business and an opportunity to share, learn, engage, and connect with new peers to create a profitable market at a larger scale.

Elevated Environment for Brands
AAPEX Trade Show Display Rentals creates a measurable competitive advantage, enhancing performance, increasing engagement and brand culture through dynamic, immersive, and well-branded environments.
When is it Held?
It is held every year for three productive days. In this, you will discover what is new in the market and what’s next in the future to keep your business competitive ahead. Explore new and emerging technology standards and alternative fuel vehicles in Let’s Tech and the hands-on Mobility Garage. Stay ahead of the AAPEX Technology of Tomorrow curve, where attendees can see and experience their hands-on products and technology on the horizon. Gain insights into where the future industry is headed, and it will help improve your business through AAPEXedu sessions.

A good platform for the American automobile market to get to know and new business contacts. Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX), a premier global event, represents or is shaping up to be another exciting expo, starting from 2-4 November 2021. Don’t miss out!

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