ELDS, Inc.

Mission Statement

The founding of ELDS, Inc. could be termed ‘the bold proposition’ Founded in 1987, ELDS, Inc has evolved into a solutions provider to the trade show industry designing and manufacturing display booths.

Committed to its responsibilities to the industry ELDS continually invests in the usage of new and improved environmentally safe renewable materials, optimizing performance while minimizing adverse impacts on the environment. ELDS, Inc being to the trade show industry cognizant of the effect of carbon footprints always seeking ways to apply innovative measures for sustainability environmentally.

We pride ourselves in providing great concepts that ultimately produces great designs. On a continual basis ELDS, Inc introduces innovative positive changes through its designing methods and intelligent usage of materials that means positive change that enhances the client’s experience in the business. ELDS,Inc., creates and delivers custom booths by conceptually designing it so that renewable materials can be modified and integrated with custom components.- thus delivering superb service, a structurally renewable product while embracing product integrity.

Supportive services is one of ELDS’ forte, giving little pointers to our clients; many times helping to dispel show floor uncertainties and anxieties. This is especially true for most first-time exhibitors. We get involved in our clients well being on the floor and even at the closing of the show ELDS is mostly available to give pointers and offer supportive services. Both in services and products our goal is to raise the bar qualitatively. Partnership with our clients from concept to booth to ROI is very satisfying to all. Another service offered is our in-house graphics department that produces dramatic eye-popping information displays.

Our goal is meeting our clients’ needs, giving ultimate satisfaction while, many times, working within budgetary restraints; and last but not least -raising the quality bar. Each year as the trade show business continues to grow and evolve, we are amazed at what tops last year’s new design; and to this end ELDS rises to the occasion.

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