Preparing for a trade show can be difficult, and deciding how to capture and hold the attention of your guests even more so. With the high stakes and heavy foot traffic of most conventions and trade shows, it is of paramount importance that exhibitors come equipped with custom banners and signage that makes a fantastic first impression.

For over a quarter of a century ELDS, Inc has been providing modern custom banner solutions for companies and organizations interested in best presenting their product, brand, or service to potential customers on the event floor.

Available custom banner models include:

  • Stand and repeat banners for event photographs, recorded presentations, and visitor interaction
  • Pull up / retractable banner stands with high resolution printing on either fabric or vinyl material, perfect for compact setup and transportation.
  • Pop up banner stands to create a lightweight, back-end barrier to better demarcate exhibition spaces.
  • Stand up or flag-style banners for quickly grabbing visitor attention via height and colorful design choices.

Not sure what custom banner choices are best for your purposes? Need to meet a budget? Have questions about whether to buy or rent and how long the creation and manufacturing process may take? Our design team would be happy to help! We’ll interact with you or your staff, working to understand your product, brand, or service in the context of the event you are planning to exhibit. At ELDS, Inc all customers work directly with staff designers to create the best possible display solution for their needs, and all designs are developed in hose, giving us more control and flexibility over the process. Try our industry-leading Projecttrax project management system to keep track of your orders, provide feedback, and oversee the entire process from start to finish.

With ELDS, Inc you can rest assured that you will receive a fantastically planned and developed event station, complete with custom banners, lighting, and other peripherals, all presented with a keen eye towards ROI, utility, and overall effectiveness. Our unwavering commitment to excellence in customer service has made us an industry leader in the event and exhibition industry.

Whether you are looking to buy permanent custom displays for your organization or quickly rent stunning exhibit booths for an event on the other side of the nation, ELDS, Inc is ready to exceed your expectations.