Every year trade shows around the world grow in popularity, and competition is fiercer than ever. Event floors are high energy environments filled to the brim with new technologies, products, and brands aggressively reaching out to investors, clients, and customers. Making an impact can be incredibly challenging, but with the help of an eye-catching exhibit backed up by professionally designed lighting, banners, and layout it is possible to meet and exceed your event goals.

Modern trade show banners must be attractive and well designed, and most use vibrant colors to leave a lasting impression on passing viewers. There are numerous types of customizable features, add-ons, and storage options available for the modern trade show display, and no company is in a better position to help you meet your exhibition needs than ELDS, Inc.

Even in the modern trade show environment traditional fabric signs and fabric banners still have their place. ELDS, Inc is able to customize banner designs and produce banner materials in-house to minimize production time and increase feedback and responsiveness. Fabric banners can be fitted to large scale booths or utilized for smaller displays. For those interested in purchasing reusable displays, fabric banners offer a quality solution and are able to be used and re-used a number of times during the display’s lifetime.

Our helpful staff can break down the costs and benefits behind each proposed design feature and help you craft a booth or exhibit that highlights your product without outshine the product or brand within it. While this can prove to be challenging, our designers are standing by to help you get it done. Our clients are always able to speak directly with our design team about the vision that they have for their trade show display as we believe in the importance of building a relationship and opening up clear lines of communication.

We understand the importance of choosing the right exhibit for the right product or brand, and you will find that our design team is committed to maximizing your ROI and overall satisfaction. Every detail of your project handled in-house by skilled professionals and we are not satisfied until you are. You only have one shot at a first impression, so don’t settle for second best. To discuss your project, including booth or exhibit designs, banners, and banner materials, please contact an ELDS, Inc representative today.