Deciding what sort of trade show display style best suits your product or brand can be difficult. There are so many different types and options available that designing a successful exhibit for trade shows or conventions can feel overwhelming.

ELDS, Inc is a design and manufacturing company in the business of providing clients with fulfilling trade show display units for over a quarter of a century. Our ceaseless attention to detail has brought us the attention of clients from all over the U.S. and has made us a leader in the trade show display market. ELDS, Inc believes customer satisfaction is a number one priority, and we want to be certain that the display you receive accentuates your product to its fullest.

Pop up Banners: A style used frequently at trade shows and events, the pop up banner provides its users with a combination of efficiency and ease of use. Its collapsible frame allows for effortless set up and take down, and it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. High quality custom printed-graphics make this banner style and it’s variations a great solution in countless situations.

Retractable Banner Stands: Retractable banner stands are well known for their customizability and stylish nature. They are incredibly durable and usually are backed by a lifetime hardware warranty. They come in a wide array of sizes, and have many subsets such as: The Silverstep, the babystep, the econoroll, the doublestep, and more.

Wallbox Display: Advertise like never before with this fabric wall display. The wallbox display style utilizes 3D portable technology, and can either be positioned horizontally like a wall or vertically like a building or backstop! There are also many great accessories that can be tacked on to this display style.

EZ Tube Displays: If fast assembly is your main draw, then look no further. The EZ Tube display style is a fantastic alternative to the traditional backwall display style, and is much more efficient. Assembly of this product can take as little as five minutes, and graphics can be applied and swapped with minimal effort. The EZ Tube display is available in many sizes and styles, but all of them are guaranteed to fit in a compact carrying case.

Custom displays: ELDS, Inc is best known for our rental options and custom design display work, and we want to hear from you! If you’ve got an idea for your next project and want a display that will bring out the most in your product, contact us today to discuss your needs.