ELDS, Inc has been in the business of building and providing custom trade show displays for over a quarter of a century. With retractable banner systems and other high-end, customized display and exhibit solutions, ELDS, Inc is here to serve you.

Trade shows and conferences are competitive and their attendees are highly distracted and opportunistic. You have one shot at grabbing and holding their attention with a well designed and appealing exhibit, booth, or display. However, the more elaborate the display, the more difficult the transportation, set-up, and storage of the display becomes. Portable solutions offer the best of both worlds, drawing ample attention without requiring heavy machinery or specialists to prepare.

Retractable banner stands: Take your product to the next level with these highly mobile display systems. The retractable banner is ideal for trade shows and is uniquely designed to be durable, fashionable, and long-lasting. Options are available in several widths and a great many dimensions. The simplicity of this item also makes it ideal for trade show vendors who may need to swap out graphics on the fly.

Pop up displays: A trade show veteran by any standard, this display style comes with everything necessary to promote of your next big product. Built intentionally to fit the 10ft. trade booth style, this display provides a straightforward and professional approach in catching attention. It is a highly customizable product that can be accessorized and expanded as needed.

Fabric banners: This display style is perfectly suited for mobility and accessibility. Its aluminum alloy frame can be deployed in mere minutes, and you can swap out graphics with ease. Breaking down this product is just as simple, and they are often small and light enough to be carried around by a single individual.

Vinyl banners: A display that combines effectiveness with affordability, vinyl banners are both highly customizable and easy to manage. They are a work horse of advertisers everywhere, and trade shows are certainly no exception.

Custom trade show displays: Haven’t found what you are looking for? ELDS, Inc is best known for our in-house custom work and rental options. We understand that every company has varying trade show requirements, which is why ELDS, Inc has devoted most of our energy to providing only the finest custom trade show displays. Contact a representative today to discuss your business’s particular needs.