Trade shows present an extremely high competition environment with heavy foot traffic and high stakes. When individuals are traversing a trade show floor they have a limited amount of attention and an excess of booths, signs, LCD displays, and other distractions calling out for that attention. Breaking through that storm and reaching the customer can be a challenge, and developing an exhibit booth that captures attention, presents a brand or product successfully, and develops visitors into possible customers is vital.

High visibility trade show banners serve an important role in this process, and they can and should be utilized as an extremely cost effective solution to boost your exhibit’s visibility and introduce your brand, product, or service to passersby.

Modern trade show banners are high definition with colorful graphics and endless possibilities. Numerous designs and versions have been developed favoring storage, portability, image quality, size, or other features. The design and service team members at ELDS, Inc can help your staff run down the different available options and come up with designs and models that advance the overall message and attractiveness of your trade show display.

Signs may prepared with custom designs for specific events or product releases, or more generalized brand-focused banners may be prepared for use and re-use by promotional teams at a large number of events in the future, allowing cost savings over time. Our designers focus on your ROI, working with staff to craft the most cost effective and successful trade show display and event solutions on the market with an eye to re-use, ease of use, and product durability and lifespan.

Most modern banner designs are relatively simple to take up and put down, thanks to lightweight popup options, retractable banners, and pop up banner models all available depending on the specific needs and intentions behind a display. Both vinyl and cloth displays are created in-house, from design to final production, giving us better control over the process and ensuring a quality result.

ELDS, Inc always prioritizes design, utility, and customer satisfaction. Our team will design around your brand, product, or service, so that your visitors come back from a trade show or even with a positive and memorable impression from the event. Designers work directly with client staff members, providing updates and encouraging collaboration to ensure deadlines are respected and clients are fully satisfied right up to the day of the event.