5 Tips for Small Business Booth Displays

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5 Tips for Small Business Booth Displays Trade shows, conferences, conventions, and even local fairs can all be important opportunities for small businesses looking to make important connections, introduce new product, or build awareness in their industry. Whether your company has a trade show circuit that you run regularly or are exhibiting at only one or two events this year, here are five tips that can help. 1. Engage First, Then Sell Trade show attendees may visit your booth simply because they are wandering, or because your booth design piqued their curiosity, or they may be seeking you out specifically based on what they have heard from others. In each case, it is to your advantage to engage these visitors personally as they enter. Have an open posture, welcome them with a smile, and ask them how they are doing. These first contacts should be friendly and relaxed, with the goal of building a connection with person. Once contact has been made, then you can follow up with a sales nudge like “Do you have any questions?” or “Would you like to see a demonstration?” 2. Tell your Story Small businesses have a rare advantage in their stories and the ability of those stories to generate sympathy and connectivity. If you are with a small business be sure to tell how your company got its start and show the people and passion behind your product or service. Everyone loves an underdog and people love to support and reach out to small startups. 3. Check your Prices Pricing can be a challenge, whether you are at a show or not. You want your prices to be competitive, and yet many small companies actually make the mistake of putting their prices too low. Reasonable or even high prices can convey quality in the right circumstances, and high prices matched with special trade show ‘specials’ can make customers feel as though they are getting an outstanding deal. 4. Turn Customers and Visitors into a Marketing Vehicle Trade show display give aways, swag, or free samples with your company logo and contact info can turn booth visitors into marketing vectors. Just be sure that your giveaways are thematically appropriate, correctly identify your brand, product, or service, and are of high enough quality that visitors will keep and use them. 5. Invest in your Success We’ve all heard that in order to make money you have to spend money—and when it comes to events it’s absolutely true. The quality of your display and presentation are just as important for success as the quality of the product or service you’re selling. ELDS, Inc. can help you buy the right booth equipment from the start as you set the stage for success. For details, samples, prices, or design assistance please contact our team at (626) 969-3399.

5 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Trade Show Booth

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5 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Booth Investing in a trade show booth is a great step, but one that is too often wasted by poor layout decisions or cut corners. Follow these 5 simple tips to optimize your booth setup and make the most of your investment. 1. Open up your booth In an effort to reach more passersby, many exhibitors make a fatal mistake and close off their booth to incoming traffic with tables, banners, or displays. Avoid placing any barriers across your booth’s entrance and instead keep it clear and bottleneck free so more visitors can enter more easily. 2. Maximize Lighting Countless attendees end up turning away from trade show booths because they can’t see demo materials, usually because the exhibitor didn’t realize that lighting would be an issue. The tall walls of trade show booths and the shadows they cast can often shroud your trade show booth presentations, making it hard for visitors to identify and connect with your product. ELDS, INC. has a wide selection of bright LED lights with flexible mountings available to counteract this problem. 3. Cover Surfaces A table is a table, and when it comes to events any old fold out card table can be a useful addition to your setup. However, always keep in mind that appearances matter. Make a better impression and cover up your surfaces with tablecloths or custom-printed table covers that match your branding and smooth the rough edges of your equipment for a more polished, put-together impression. 4. Go Vertical Trade shows are busy and visually distracting. Plus, space is at a premium. Maximize your visual profile while minimizing space used by investing in vertical banners or overhead banners. You’ll literally stand above the crowd and make it easier for attendees to find you. 5. Go Big Remember, your future customers have plenty to look at and many distractions surrounding them. That means that subtlety will work against you. Big banners, big branding, and big visuals will help individuals more quickly understand what you are selling, who you are, and whether they should stop in.

SEMA trade show in Las Vegas


When you hear the name Las Vegas, you are probably thinking of brightly lit casinos with men in tuxedos and women in designer dresses. Well, that’s true because Las Vegas is known as the Sin City of the world and is popular for its casinos. However, it’s not just the casinos that pull the crowds in Las Vegas. It’s also home to some of the world’s best and biggest trade shows. In fact, in the year 2003, a report said that almost 5.6 million people attended the trade show in Las Vegas, from which a whopping $5.6 billion was earned in revenue. Trade shows in Las Vegas are held in the Las Vegas Convention Center, one of its kind and the largest marketing venue of the United States. It has a sprawling campus and covers an area of nine million square feet. You can well imagine the size of the convention hall from this figure alone. Every year many industries assemble at the Las Vegas Convention Centre to showcase their displays and several people from around the world gather here to take a look at some of the best automobiles and other products manufactured by these industries. SEMA-The Largest Automobile Trade Show The Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority is responsible for organizing the trade shows every year in the Las Vegas Convention Centre. This year, too, many trade shows will be held at Las Vegas and one among them is the SEMA trade show, one of the most sought-after and famous trade shows in the world. SEMA, also known as Specialty Equipment Market Association, comprises of 6000 companies that make up the aftermarket automobile industry. Some of the member institutions are aftermarket manufacturers, car dealers, specialty equipment distributors, installers, aftermarket manufacturers, retailers, and restoration specialists. SEMA trade show is held every year in the month of November at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It’s one of the most popular and largest automobile products display in the world. More than 100,000 industry leaders, belonging to 100 plus countries, come together to be a part of this trade show. The SEMA trade show also witnesses around 60, 000 buyers from worldwide. These buyers participate in the event and take part in event discussions, special events, educational seminars, and other networking events. At the SEMA trade show event, you will come across 12 different sections that are wholly dedicated for launching and showcasing new products. And not just new products, a lot of tools, parts, and components are also on display in the New Products Showcase division of the trade show. Get The Best Trade Show Props SEMA and many such other trade events are facilitated by ELDS, Inc, a company that provides trade show exhibits and props at affordable costs. It’s one of the premium trade show exhibit houses and has been in the business since the last 25 years in Las Vegas. The exhibit display company caters to all exhibitors who want the best quality service without burning a hole in their pocket. Also, exhibitors looking for customized designs and manufactures trade show displays can get the best deals from ELDS, Inc. If you are planning to organize a trade show in Las Vegas and want the best exhibits for your show, then look no further than ELDS, Inc. It’s one of the premier trade show display companies in the world and they take extreme care to ensure that you get the best service possible. All you have to do is visit their website and click on rent or buy, the rest will be taken care of by them.

Custom Trade Show Displays Built for all Venues and Shows

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Trade shows are a great way of showcasing an industry’s latest launches and products. Every year, several trade shows are held all around the world and people from different walks of life come together to attend these trade shows. Now, there are trade shows that are held at regional levels but the big ones are mostly held at Las Vegas. And when we say big, we mean that the best and the largest trade shows in the world are held in this town of las Vegas Las Vegas, famously known as the sin city of the world, is home to some of the best casinos in the world. A major chunk of the city’s business comes from the casinos that attract millions of visitors from around the world. But, when it comes to the popularity of Las Vegas, it’s not just limited to the shiny and glamorous casinos here. In fact, Las Vegas is also very popular for holding some of the largest and best trade shows in the world. All the trade shows held in Las Vegas are organized at the Las Vegas Convention Center, one of the largest convention centers in the US. This convention center is spread across an area of 9 million square feet and witnesses some of the largest trade shows every year. When it comes to trade shows, you might already know that various displays are required to showcase the exhibits. Now, you could either go with the normal exhibits or pick customized ones. ELDS, Inc. is one of the largest trade show exhibit provides in Las Vegas and they have been catering to a wide range of clients since the past 25 years. At ELDS, Inc., they ensure that clients get the best deals and services to make their trade show a success. And, all this comes without burning a hole in your pocket. ELDS provides custom trade show exhibits that will help you take your trade show a notch higher. Still not convinced about custom trade show exhibits? Let’s understand why you need them. Why Custom Trade Show Exhibits Are Better? Custom displays will help you stand out from your competitors. It will help you gain an edge over them as you won’t be using the same run-of-the-mill displays to showcase your exhibits. Custom displays are great when you are trying to sell the personality of your brand. You can use displays that complement your products and make them look better. If you want your event to find a place in every tabloid and newspapers, custom displays are the way to go for it. You will be the talk of the trading world long after your event is over. Custom displays can add a quirky edge to your products. You can use witty designs to attract eyeballs and to make a lasting memory in the minds of your buyers and visitors. Also, when you can stand out, why follow the herd? Where Can I Get Custom Display? As mentioned before, ELDS, Inc. provides some of the best displays in Las Vegas and if you are looking for custom displays, you can trust them to give you the best deal. They have a dedicated team of professionals who don’t believe in cookie cutter designs but collaborate with the clients to ensure that clients get what they are paying for. Also, they have Projecttrax, an incredible project management tool that allows you to monitor the display designs from anywhere in the world. You can keep a track of the progress of the project and give your feedback from time to time. If you are planning to organize a trade show for your products, go with custom-designed displays to leverage the popularity of your brand.

The Real Deal On Large Format Trade Show Graphics

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The Real Deal On Large Format Trade Show Graphics Present graphics are graphic photos made use of for illustration or “display screen” objectives. Display Graphics are typically printed on paper, vinyl or material using a “large format” printers. Usually show graphics are over-sized graphics printed on paper or other product, and after that installed or held on a graphic screen system of some kind in a conspicuous area. One-off display screen graphics are made use of in vinyl banners, exhibition screens, or as backdrops for a convention, press conference, or special event such as an athletic contest or event. Numerous units of screen visuals items are usually required when a business has numerous sales electrical outlets or franchise business. Because instance the producer of screen graphics will certainly create a number of devices such as posters, installed displays, banner stands or plastic banners so the business could install a regular advertising project. ** Indoor versus Outdoor Applications One of one of the most essential difference is between screen graphics made use of for indoor displays as well as display graphics utilized for outdoor screen functions. Indoor items are typically established in exhibition, retailers, malls, as well as conferences. Exterior items are points such as vinyl banners, signage, glue vinyl utilized for vehicles or home window graphics, large outside posters (normally printed on plastic or textile), as well as streetscape banners. Exterior products are subjected to the components and call for unique inks in order to be UV resistant as well as waterproof. The common treatment is to utilize special solvent inks that do not discolor virtually as promptly in intense sunshine, as well as are also water resistant. Some providers attempt to “cheat” by laminating flooring things published with water-based inks, however this is not a satisfying option. It is often desirable to make use of solvent based printing for some interior items too. For example, banners that you anticipate to utilize a number of times will certainly have to be rolled and also unrolled, as well as water-based inks are much more likely to scratch and break down with this sort of handling. Or if you wish to hang a banner throughout the front of your display table at a trade convention it is most likely to be bumped and also have coffee splashed on it. The more resilient you make it, the better. ** Art work Considerations A lot of knowledgeable providers of screen graphics will certainly recognize specifically what sort of images as well as illustrations you need to or need to not utilize in your designs. Digital printing devices can publish from pictures and also illustrations, so you can consist of logo designs, maps, message or anything usually printable from a program like Quarkxpress, Illustrator, or Coreldraw. One significant consideration is the resolution of your initial pictures. Countered printing (brochures as well as publications) calls for a resolution of as much as 300 ppi (pixels per inch), yet present graphics can be published with resolutions as reduced as 50 ppi (pixels each inch). Keep this in mind when firing your original images. Make them as huge as possible and also you need to not have any kind of trouble blowing them for a banner, popup display screen or roadside sign. ELDS,INC can provide parge format graphic prints for all of your trade show display needs . Please feel free to cont ELDS, INC at www.eldsusa.com

Exhibits and Display Rentals for Consumer Electronics Show

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Exhibits and Displays Available for Next Years’ Consumer Electronics Show Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was a record-breaking year. Over 18 days from first set up to final tear down more than 170,000 attendees from across the globe gathered on two and a half million net square feet of floor space, exhibiting and viewing cutting-edge consumer electronic devices and concepts aimed at transforming the market spaces of tomorrow. In other words, CES was, is, and will be huge in terms of both sheer scope and opportunity, and the competition grows more intense every year. Make It Count If your company has an outstanding product or new innovation ready for the entire world to see during these few short days, then you need to make sure that it is highlighted and marketed in the best setting possible. And with the highly experienced and proven design team and fabricators at ELDS, Inc., you can. Endless Options Our stunning CES Trade show displays are available in a variety of styles with additional support and consultation available during the design, planning, and assembly stages. With an unmatched inventory and modern, in-house fabrication and printing services we’ll help you come up with a unique and custom-tailored booth that is then constructed, shipped, and assembled at the Las Angeles Convention Center in compliance with all applicable local regulations and event rules. Above and Beyond But our service goes beyond simply making a great booth made from great materials that are delivered on-time and in great condition. ELDS, Inc. also works to make sure that: Your team is involved and fully up to date at every step of the purpose, thanks to our proprietary ProjectTrax project management system which provides regular updates and open channels for feedback and revision during the entire process. Your booth is successful and memorable. We’ll offer suggestions and give you examples of booths that went above and beyond, showcasing an item or brand in a new way that drew attention and made a real impact in customers’ minds. That your rental or purchase meets your needs during the next event and into the future. Call Today With decades of experience available ELDS, Inc. is the solution you need for CES Trade show exhibits and presentation equipment. So give us a call today at (626) 969-3399 to start your project

A New Perspective on Trade Show Display Costs

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A New Perspective on Trade Show Display Costs Trade Show Displays are an investment, and one that many companies hesitate to make. However, while a trade show may provide both concrete and hidden benefits, the true ROI behind your trade show display costs can be very hard to get a handle on. So let’s look at things from a new angle. Up Front vs. Long Term Let’s say an exhibitor purchases a $20,000 inline display for 200 square feet of space in order to present at four trade shows a year with the hope that the display holds up for at least five years. If we assume that the company spends $25,000 per show (which includes space, wages, airfare, hotels, meals, entertainment, transportation, and labor) then over the booth’s lifetime the one-time cost of the display vs. the total cost of trade show expenses will be less than 5%. This 5% is a remarkably small slice of the total considering the tremendous impact custom trade show displays have on your performance and comfort at a particular event. Remember that your display is one of your greatest on-the-ground marketing tools, provides physical boundaries in which your interactions take place, and when designed optimally can have a measurable impact on your sales growth and ROI by setting the stage and bringing in valuable foot traffic. Small Events The same logic (on a smaller scale) follows for smaller events like job fairs or smaller cons, where pop up, table top, banner stand, and lightweight hybrid displays are far more common. When you compare the cost of a reusable booth to the costs of many other forms of advertising (TV, Radio, Adwords) the booth might just be the best money you spend all year! Large Events Still, the raw cost of a major, custom-designed booth can give many pause. But while a large island or double deck display bound for major industry shows in Las Vegas, Orlando, or Chicago does present a sizable investment up front, the long term benefits of a great design and the overall costs of presenting vs. expected ROI make the investment surprisingly affordable. This should give seasoned exhibitors confidence to buy the design they need up front instead of regretting a poor choice for years to come. We Can Help If you need further help estimating trade show exhibit costs, the design team and reps at ELDS, Inc. can help point you in the right direction. Whatever your needs or the size of your next event, our unmatched inventory and in-house design work and fabrication makes ELDS, Inc. the trade show solution you’ve been searching for! So call us today at (626) 969-3399.

Rules for the SEMA Trade Show

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Rules for the SEMA Trade Show The SEMA Trade Show, hosted in the Las Vegas Convention Center by the Specialty Equipment Market Association, brings in over 2000 exhibitors to a show floor of a staggering 2 million square feet. And with over 60,000 domestic and international buyers in attendance, the stakes for exhibitors are high. This is why having the right trade show display matters, one that helps you stand out and make a solid impression. Unfortunately, regional regulations and show requirements place strict boundaries on the creativity of any particular exhibitor. Several of the most important rules to keep in mind include: Exhibit Space Selection Order: Spaces on the exhibit floor are parceled out in waves based on 1) SEMA membership status (members pick first) and 2) show seniority (the longest repeat exhibitors have earlier pick). Once it is a particular exhibitor’s turn to pick their location they will receive a telephone call and then will need to navigate to a certain website address to choose their location on the main floorplan. Booth Noise: There are two limits to the noise or music an exhibitor may project inside their booth. First, music (or any other sound) emitting from an exhibit space shall not exceed 85 decibels, and second, all music and entertainment must be in good taste and not include any lyrics that are “inflammatory, sexually explicit, sexist, gang-related or violent or that promote activities of any type that defame or denigrate women, law enforcement or other established authorities.” Violators may receive warnings but are subject to immediate closure of their exhibit. Lotteries and Contests: Drawings and raffles may be classic booth strategies, but anything that might be considered gambling is not permitted. At SEMA the operation of games of chance, lottery devices, or certain other competitions are prohibited unless approved in writing beforehand by show management. Booth Design: Among many other restrictions, any booth construction needs to follow OSHA regulations and union rules. For multilevel or covered booths, plans have to be submitted before the event starts and must also have an engineering stamp. Other rules include fire escape routes for the upper level, height restrictions, coverage restrictions, fire alarms for larger exhibits, and more. Fortunately, when you work with ELDS, Inc. you don’t have to worry about booth compliance. We’ll make sure that all SEMA trade show displays are fully compliant, installed on time, and taken down without trouble. All you have to worry about is presenting at the show itself! For more info or to design your own display, contact us at (626) 969-3399 today!

Try it Before You Buy it With ELDS, Inc.

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Try it Before You Buy it With ELDS, Inc. Trade shows are crowded, busy, expensive events but they can have a tremendous impact on your organization’s long-term market impact. After all, where else can you directly interact with hundreds or thousands of prospects in your industry or market in a single day in order to generate leads? The display you use to set the stage during these events does matter, as a great display can and will draw in much more attention and make a greater impression with prospective clients. However, expensive double deck or island-style displays have a steep upfront investment cost. For this reason, many trade show event managers opt to rent trade show displays before committing to buy the design they prefer for permanent use. Benefits of renting a trade show display include:No Storage Costs While some companies have trade show teams crisscrossing the globe every week, others only do a few or even one big show a year. While rental costs can add up quickly for the former (making a purchase a more economical option) the trouble of packing and storing a display likely makes renting a better option for anyone with a lighter event schedule. Transport and Setup Crew With a trade show rental from ELDS, Inc. you don’t have to worry about transportation or booth set up arrangements. Your booth will be there when you need it. We take care of everything, leaving you with one predictable upfront cost and no surprises. Compliance Different states and convention centers have different regulations regarding labor, structure approvals, fire alarms, fire escapes, power, and more. ELDS, Inc. has extensive experience meeting these regulations and ensuring that our clients have no booth-related headaches before the show begins. Experimentation Didn’t like your last booth set up? Custom trade Show display rentals give you and your team the freedom to try different designs and strategies, even tailoring your particular booth size and layout to fit different showroom floors or layouts. Rent as you need and only purchase when you are completely sold on the perfect design. To speak to our exert design team about your booth rental needs or ideas, or to receive a free estimate, call ELDS, Inc. today at (626) 969-3399!

5 Great Booth Ideas to Help you Rock Your Next California Trade Show

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From Anaheim to LA, sunny California is a major destination for trade shows of every size and description, and that can make for some busy schedules and hectic show floors. Fortunately, ELDS, Inc. has modern, high performing trade show display rentals for San Francisco, trade show display rentals for San Diego, and designs and components available for purchase or rental throughout the state. So, for your next California trade show, consider trying out one of the following 7 on-the-rise trade show booth ideas to bring in visitors, streamline your pipeline, and make a great impression. Host a Lounge Trade show floor space is at a premium for everyone, exhibitors and attendees included. This can make something as simple as a makeshift visitor lounge a great investment as guests flock to your tables and chairs to rest and recharge. Have staffers engage these visitors and you may be surprised at just how long the conversations run. Charging Stations Complementing the lounge strategy nicely, charging stations for laptops and cell phones will bring in many grateful visitors and promote long conversations while they wait for their batteries to top off. Touch Screens Interactivity is always beneficial, which makes touch screen stations a perfect solution for photo galleries, website navigation, visitor contact forms, or interactive presentations. Lead Software Great software, hosted on touch screens or your website, streamlines your sales pipeline and can actually help close more deals than you might expect. A good system allows staffers to enter information quickly and easily, and should have enough polish to keep interested prospects on the hook if they are volunteering their info via a touch screen or cell phone. This software should, of course, be optimized for both computers and mobile devices. Make a Charitable Effort Donating to charity immediately shifts visitor impressions of your brand. Consider donating for each business card received, each booth check-in or like on a mobile device, or some other contact collection method. Then advertise the donation campaign using signage and social media updates.