10 Great Ways to Attract Attention to your Tradeshow Booth: Part 2

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10 Great Ways to Attract Attention to your Tradeshow Booth: Part 2 Welcome back! Here we explore another 4 ways you can attract customers to your booth at your next trade show or convention event! Special Offers Show them the money. Hosting a special offer or discount at your trade show booth itself is more than just a celebration of your brand, it can be a major incentive for those who are already familiar with your brand to stop by, or can be a major push in the right direction for buyers who find themselves on the fence. If the special offer won’t be around tomorrow, and isn’t available online, it might just make the difference in pushing undecided visitors into a sale, and can leave buyers feeling satisfied that they scored a great deal. Just make sure advertise your special offer at the event along with any terms and conditions, and then publicize the special offer via social media and other channels to bring in more guests. Location Many trade shows will offer the best floor locations for an extra charge—and these optimal spots often sell out FAST. A prime location all but guarantees your brand will receive exposure to the lion’s share of event visitors. However, you also need to make sure that your booth is able to accommodate these large numbers with extra staff and a large trade show exhibit layout. Promotional items SWAG! Promotional products and giveaways are a huge part of tradeshows and having good giveaways can garner your brand a great deal of goodwill. However, you should still carefully balance the cost of the items with the brand utility that they provide. Good, well-received, and low-cost options to consider include pens, bags, USB drives, cell phone attachments (including adhesive card wallets), and notepads. Snacks and Drinks Not all swag has to go home with visitors. Some of the most appreciated giveaways include water bottles (with your logo printed on the labels) and packaged snacks, which hungry or thirsty event goers always appreciate. The time required for visitors to eat and snack will also often be spent inside your booth, allowing for greater brand exposure and giving your team more time to ask questions, run demonstrations, and follow-up with your appreciative guests.

8 Great Ways to Attract Attention to your Tradeshow Booth: Part 1

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8 Great Ways to Attract Attention to your Tradeshow Booth: Part 1 Committing to a trade show exhibit often means hours upon hours of time spent as the event team prepares everything from uniforms to scripts, hotels, flights, meals, displays, and more. But all of this time and energy is worth little unless the resulting tradeshow booth is able to attract and keep the attention of event visitors. With that in mind, here are 8 tried and true ways to make sure visitors stop by your event booth and participate, even in the midst of widespread tradeshow competition. Contests and Promotions Competition fires visitors up, giving them a direct way to participate with your company or brand and making the experience far more memorable. Prizes to be won or drawn only widen the appeal. At one recent and highly technical trade show, for instance, Intel ran a three day challenge for visiting technicians, having teams of three compete at different challenges in a tournament system until a winning team was declared at the end. Other companies have hosted everything from paper airplane competitions to discount bingo. Simply be sure that each participant is required to submit information such as a business card or a completed response form, in exchange for participating,. Reach Out On Social Media Trade show social media pages light up during the event, and many platforms allow users to ‘check-in’ from the physical location of the trade show event. Posting invitations and directions to your booth on these channels, along with some sort of ‘hook’ or other attention-grabbing incentive, can bring in many visitors who otherwise might not have considered stopping by. Active Greeting Sometimes all visitors need is a smile and an active invitation to come in. Train event staff to be friendly, welcoming, and to initiate low-pressure contact in order to bring in visitors. Booth Design Significant customers are attracted to significant trade show booths, which makes the physical layout and design of your trade show display a vital foundation for your overall success. At ELDS, Inc. we can help your event team design custom double deck trade show displays, island displays, or pop up displays as you have need, with extensive rental and purchase options to fit your needs. Check back soon for Part II!

4 Tips for the AAO Trade Show

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The American Academy of Ophthalmology, the largest national membership association of Eye doctors in the United States, hosts an annual trade show hosted at different venues located around the United States. The event brings together ophthalmologists, medical and osteopathic doctors, administrators, and medical equipment suppliers in order to advance the lifelong learning and professional interests of ophthalmologists, making it possible for their patients to obtain the best possible eye care year after year. More than 90 percent of practicing U.S. eye professionals who provide medical, surgical and optical care are currently Academy members, and the Academy has more than 7,000 international members, many of whom attend the event, making it one of the largest medical trade shows in the United States. For these visitors, the event means product exhibits covering innovative new technology, lectures from respected leaders in the field, educational courses, and networking opportunities For exhibitors, however, it can mean a competitive environment full of highly intelligent and opinioned prospects. Thus it is important that presenters enter into the AAO trade show prepared with accurate expectations and clear goals using the steps below: 1. Identify goals Trade show goals may include lead generation, completed sales, or simply increased brand awareness. Once a goal has been chosen a brand’s entire trade show strategy should be built to support the successful meeting of that goal. 2. Target the Right Visitors It’s important to lay a foundation with the right prospects before the show even starts. Consider investing in a direct marketing strategy to reach certain high priority prospects before beforehand. An email campaign and social media updates on the event’s pages may be worthwhile ways to start. 3. Have a Follow-Up Plan Develop a streamlined plan for collecting customer information at the show for future follow-up. For instance, you could offer an incentive such as a topical white paper or discount opportunity in exchange for email addresses and/or give booth staff iPADS with a streamlined form to use to enter information following conversations. You should also have a plan in writing for the post show in which these contacts are systematically contacted by your reps in order to maximize ROI. 4. Make a Statement Invest in an AAO trade show display or booth design that conveys the message of your product or service successfully and memorably. ELDS, Inc. has experienced both designers ready to help you with any conceptual work and our in-house fabrication and printing services can deliver high quality results. For more information on renting or purchasing booths for medical trade shows, please contact ELDS, Inc. today at (626) 969-3399.

3 Ways to Improve your Trade Show Results

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Trade shows represent a huge commitment in terms of time, money, and energy, so make sure they are worth your while! Here are three ways to improve your trade show results during the coming year. Go International Overseas trade show appearances come with their own set of difficulties and logistical hurdles, but the benefits can be incredible. By traveling abroad your company has a chance to introduce your brand to an entirely new global audience and market. This can result in unique partnerships and explosive growth in unexpected quarters. Even a smaller team armed with a portable custom exhibit booth can have a big impact. Tailor your Booth to your Audience and Personalize A booth design or presentation strategy that works in one industry with one audience won’t necessarily have great results when translated to another industry with another distinct audience set. In the same way, the exact same demonstration and follow-up conversation won’t necessarily have the same impact on one booth visitor vs. another. Therefore it is important that presenters research their target audience and the character of their next conference, and then come up with a strategy tailored to that group, with enough built-in flexibility so that sales reps can also engage individuals on an individual, personal level. The last thing you want is a one-size-fits-all situation where each booth visitor receives a presentation that misses the point, and then has no chance of one-on-one interaction or connection later. Bring a Showstopper After a long day of visiting different booths and wandering the tradeshow floor, most displays and presenters will be forgotten by most visitors. With so much competition it is important that you find a show-stopping way to make your display stand out and stay memorable. There are many options to consider to accomplish this, including: Tech demonstrations (Holograms, touch and feel station, large screens…) Better-than-average giveaways (Apparel, wearable tech…) Competitions with prizes (Trade show slalom, crafting projects, digital games…) Monuments (Lego models, sculptures, projection art…) Of course, no matter which trade show strategies you choose, remember to have fun and contact ELDS, Inc. by calling (626) 969-3399. Our in-house design team will work to come up with a custom exhibit booth design that meets your goals and fits your budget—even on short notice!

Double Deck Trade Show Booths from ELDS, Inc!

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Planning for your next trade show event? Consider a double deck trade show booth from ELDS, Inc! These prominent, proven solutions for trade shows across the nation fit in well with larger, Island-style booth spaces, but can also help presenters with smaller display footage maximize their space more efficiently. Visitors are welcome to move underneath and around the lower level, while the overhead space is used for one of several purposes, including: A break area for team members to store their personal effects, computers, and other tools Secure equipment or supply storage area, particularly valuable for those with very limited event spaces A secluded meeting or conference area where priority visitors can ask questions at length or sign paperwork away from the noise and bustle of the main booth below. At the same time, the sheltered area below the second deck can also provide a place of relative quiet where visitors can interact with staff members or demonstration models with a greater degree of peace and focus, and any walls created between the supports may be used as display space. Designs are also available that utilize the elevated position of the second deck as a prominent display opportunity, with suspended banners, logo space, digital monitors, or projector screens—allowing presenters to command attention from across the exhibit hall. Exhibitors should be aware that many cities, including Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago, and Los Angeles have regulations surrounding the use of temporary structures used at trade show events. Whether you intend to purchase or rent your double deck event display, the ELDS, Inc. display team can help you confirm that your display will be 100% in line and approved under these regulations. For rental arrangements in particular, we will take responsible full responsibility for compliance engineering documents, insurance, set up, and tear down. This allows you and your team to focus on the important work that the tradeshow floor demands. For more information on double deck or two-story trade show booths and displays, contact the ELDS, Inc. team directly by calling (626) 969-3399 today!

3 Crucial Priorities for Tradeshow Event Staff

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Working the trade show floor isn’t like an average sales call, and even the best sales person can be flattened by the chaos, noise, and pressure of their first event. This makes training and preparation in the following three areas incredibly important for event staff: 1. Initiating Contact Trade shows are full of rapid-fire human interaction, and equipping staff with good conversation starters helps get the ball rolling. These starters can be as simple as, “Where you guys from?” or, “Would you like to see a demonstration?” or even the ever-promising, “Wanna see the cool part?” Whatever the opening, it is important that staff know how to quickly and clearly share the product or company’s best features and message in mere seconds after initiating contact, while still keeping the back and forth conversation flowing. The last thing trade show event staff should be doing is huddling in the back of the exhibit, avoiding eye contact and looking at their phones. Instead, actively initiating these conversations helps break the ice, pull interested parties in, and opens up the lines of communication so that serious prospects feel free to ask questions and investigate the company or product further. 2. Filtering Prospects Sorting prospects by their potential is an incredible time saver and can be accomplished easily. Use simple categories like HOT, WARM, and COOL and have staff create records as they go. Hot prospects will be very interested, asking questions, visualizing future applications, and sharing details from their own needs. Warm and cool prospects are going to be less enthusiastic and more restrained but are still important, and collecting their contact info may in fact lead to sales later. 3. Prepping for Follow up Hot prospects cool quickly and should be followed up on shortly after the event is over. Fortunately, staff can lay the groundwork for this follow-up during the show itself by gathering contact information, jotting down details bout the prospect’s needs or concerns, listing personal so that the follow-up feels more genuinely personal, and prioritizing the prospects who are most likely to buy based on the details they have provided. Remember, with so much going on during this process it is important to properly set the stage first. The right trade show display layouts and booth designs will welcome in visitors, aid these interactions, avoids bottlenecks, and allow your staff to easily and efficiently convey your brand’s message. For more information on leading national trade show display rentals and sales contact ELDS, Inc. today at (626) 969-3399.

7 Tips for Surviving a Las Vegas Trade Show

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Las Vegas has long been the #1 trade show destination in America, and it’s easy to see why! Flights are cheap and plentiful, hotels sprawl across the city, and there’s more to see and do at all hours of the day and night than even the most ambitious company man could conquer. In fact, the so called “Las Vegas” effect has been known to increase event attendance in the city by 10% compared to other venues. But with so much going on it is dangerously easy to get overwhelmed and burnt out while in the Las Vegas trade show grind, leaving exhibitors feeling stretched thin and worn down when they leave—instead of energized and pumped to follow up on new leads. So, in order to streamline the process, here are 7 tips for surviving a Las Vegas Trade show! Start Early! Planning an exhibit in Las Vegas can be tricky, as many conference and venue discounts are time-sensitive and important resources like labor, reservations, and special events sell out fast. Take care of details months in advance (6+ months whenever possible) and don’t risk missing any deadlines. Train and Set Mission Goals Vegas is full of distractions that your staff can ill-afford on the trade show floor. Train beforehand and make expectations and schedules very clear to prevent short-handedness and optimize lead generation. Promote! Use your mailing list and let customers (present and future) know where your company will be, what you will be up to, and why they should be there. Incentives are great, and reminders across social media can be an important stimulus to boost attendance as well. Don’t miss this great chance to make face-to-face connections! Use the Host Hotel While there may be cheaper rooms elsewhere in the city, staying at the main hotel makes commuting to bed and back easy for tired booth staff. It can also provide unique opportunities to hobnob with industry movers and shakers at the hotel bar or other events only a few floors away. Consider Renting your Equipment Vegas has a unique landscape when it comes to booth installations and set-ups. Union labor teams handle much of the work with strict restrictions placed on exhibitors. This makes trade show display rentals in Las Vegas a great option, as your supplier gets to handle the shipping and installation arrangements while you and your designer focus on customizing and fine tuning your display to best meet your needs. Good luck, and remember to contact an ELDS, INC. team member for more information at (626) 969-3399!

trade show exhibits rentals

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A Few Things for First-Time Exhibitors to Note Gearing up for your first trade show? If you’ve never exhibited before, you’re in luck. A trade show can be one of the most lucrative, exciting, and critical events in a business organization’s schedule. But success, by any measure, is never guaranteed. It takes preparation, training, and more than a little bit of grit to survive the frantic crowds and rapid-fire interactions that trade shows require. It also takes a great display or booth that attracts visitors’ attention and offers good flow and clear visual lines. So here are a few FAQs and other notes that first time exhibitors should know before they order their trade show booth: Whether you Rent or Buy Will Completely Change Your Design When an exhibitor buys a trade show booth or display they usually do so under the assumption that they will be using it to present at several (4+) events that year. This fact should informal number of design and construction choices, as the entire system will need to be portable and optimized for easy set-up and tear-down at a number of different events. Trade show exhibits rentals are cheaper in the short term (usually roughly a quarter of the cost of purchasing the same display outright) and can be more exhaustively tailored for the particular event they are destined for. Both options are of course available from ELDS, INC. Printing your own Materials can be a Bad Idea Trade shows are big, busy environments. Printing your own materials in=house or at the office supply store down the street may sound like a cost saver, but unless you have a modern, high definition fabric printer the results may not hold up on the trade show floor. For more information or samples, contact an ELDS, Inc. representative. Presenting is a Learned Process Each exhibitor’s experience is different, and even with the assistance of a qualified trade show exhibit designer you probably won’t get everything right the first time. Trade show exhibit rentals can give you and your team a comparatively inexpensive way to try out a larger or smaller booth configuration so you can then fine-tune things for future events. Contact an ELDS, INC. representative today with any questions you may have at (626) 969-3399!

trade show displays rentals Orange County

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Rely on ELDS, INC. for Quality Orange County Trade Show Displays From sprawling cities to spotless beaches, Orange County is an outstanding destination for trade show exhibitors in any industry. But as you are planning for your next event, consider using ELDS, Inc. to design and provide your booth or display. Here are a few reasons why: Orange County Experience: ELDS, INC. has been providing top quality trade show products and services to clients for decades, with installations at all major event venues. Whatever your needs, and wherever in Southern California your event is being held, we can be there with the equipment you need. In-House Design Service Our in-house designers work tirelessly to make sure that your exhibit doesn’t just look good, but aids and enhances your trade show mission and processes. These design considerations carry into layout, material selection, audio visual equipment, and more. No matter what your objectives, our designers will work with you to come up with a design that excels. Project Management Worried that you won’t be able to coordinate during the design process? The designers at ELDS, INC. keep you and your team in the loop 24/7 with a simple, proprietary project management system available from our homepage. Updates, milestones, mockups, and more post in real time so that you have 100% assurance that your design will be perfect, and the assembly will be finished on-time. Vast Selection Speaking of that design, you should never have to “make do” for a trade show or event. With an industry-leading product selection our designers can perfectly capture your message within an outstanding custom trade show booth or display. The options are limitless! Cost Savings Whether you are looking for trade show displays and rentals in Orange County, or more permanent portable booths to buy and re-use at multiple events, our representatives can help you estimate costs including construction, shipping, storage, and installation so that you can budget, cut costs, and secure the most affordable and functional display system for your trade show schedule. From custom island-style exhibits to small pop up banner displays, ELDS, INC. is your #1 resource for trade show and event booth design in Orange County, Southern California, and throughout the USA!

5 Reasons to Consider Renting your Next Trade Show Booth

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Have a trade show coming up? Wondering about what booth design or display your company should invest in to best connect with interested prospects? Well you’re in luck. ELDS, Inc. has a huge variety of high quality trade show booth components for both sale and for rent as well as an in-house design team and project management system to give your event team the support and assistance they need. But under what conditions should you consider renting your next booth, instead of buying it outright? Unique Designs Renting gives your team valuable flexibility and room for creativity as each event display can be complete different. This means that you may change your event booth to suit different conferences, square footages, floor locations, or simply give your organization a fresh look. Fewer Extra Expenses Owning a trade show booth involves extra expenses that you might not expect. Things like shipping costs, storage costs, extra labor for the booth set-up, and more. Renting eliminates these extra costs and makes your overall trade show expenses more predictable. Low Cost – Great Value In the short term renting is usually cheaper than buying. Because you don’t purchase the structure of the booth, pay for storage, or pay for any repairs to the booth after multiple uses, the cost of your overall investment at any single show is much lower than if you buy and keep your booth between shows. This makes rentals a great cost saver for organizations with fewer trade shows on their annual schedule. Consistent Quality Booth components break down over time with ripping, tearing, fading, scuffing, and smudging. Eventually the booth may start to look shabby or require frequent component replacements or repairs. Rental equipment instead offers consistent, reliable quality without extra cost or worry. Less Hassle Even if storage isn’t a problem, owning an event booth still requires a great number of man-hours. Time is spent designing, ordering, loading, unloading, arranging shipping, setting the booth up, inspecting, tearing down, and more. There are also Capital Expenses and the paperwork that comes with them, as well as disposal considerations when the booth reaches the end of its life. Rentals make the process faster and smoother for your event team. For more information on designing and renting your own event booth in 2016, contact ELDS, Inc. at (626) 969-3399.