Custom Displays

Imagination, creativity and productivity… “Some people see things and ask why? We design things that never were and ask why not?”

You Get Exactly What You Want with a Custom Trade Show Display

At ELDS, Inc. we specialize in custom trade show displays that are far beyond ones imagination. We push the creative button to come up with our client specific needs. No cookie cutter designs, our client needs and services takes top priority in our custom exhibit booth construction.

Productivity is second to none. Our fine craftsmanship and artisans and some of the best in the industry. We pay special attention to fine details which can sometime impact the overall look of our client trade show displays

Custom retail environments, custom product display, custom trade show displays or museum interior, ELDS is the right place for you.

Custom Displays Help You Stand Apart

No matter whether you are looking for a headlining event platform, custom pop-up displays for a string of conventions, or custom retail displays to help launch a new product, when you work with ELDS, Inc you will always receive:

The personal touch:

  • Unlike other trade show display manufacturers, ELDS, avoids cliché, cookie cutter designs for our customer’s products. Every display is designed, fabricated, and prepared in house to your specification.

State-of-the-art software:

  • Projecttrax is an incredible project management tool that allows our clients to keep up with their project no matter where they are. Through the use of this system, clients and designers are able to better assign tasks and monitor deadlines. This leads to informed and successful business transactions.

Quality products:

  • ELDS, Inc has access to a wide variety of products and services. With an incredible selection of exhibition products accented by custom banner design services, we are able to provide custom displays and booth designs that are truly second to none.

Custom Displays come in all Shapes and Sizes.

Let Us Design a Trade Show Display to Your Exact Specifications

ELDS, Inc firmly believes in the importance of addressing our customer’s ROI needs. Our designers work tirelessly to provide attractive custom trade show booths and displays that increase our clients ROI at trade shows and events. As a design and service-driven business we have the flexibility to build custom displays that enhance the impact of the products or brands centered within them, not the other way around. Our design team understands the importance of product recognition, and we are committed to providing you with the perfect display for your product.

When your organization invests so much time and energy into an event, you need to be 100% certain that it will be displayed appropriately. Working with ELDS, Inc gives you that assurance wrapped up in an outstanding customer experience. Clients are never forced to convey their ideas through a salesman, but instead all of our clients only ever deal with a design team directly. This allows your team to build a relationship with ours, working closely to oversee the development of your ideal display.

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