No matter what product market you’re targeting, you want to stand out and be different from the competitors so your customers know that you’re the gold standard. A great way to do that is to feature custom retail displays, like point of purchase (POP) displays, in your store or at your trade show events. These will emphasize certain products you’re advertising and will create a more attractive focal point for your customers. The more customers like the appeal of your product, the more attention it will get, and the more likely it is that your purchases and revenue will increase.

ELDS, Inc’s mantra is to use creativity, vision, and passion to help our clients increase sales and ROI. We believe in a personal approach to each design process, because the most important point to us is that you’re satisfied with the end result. Our clients interact directly with the design team so that together we can craft a custom retail display that accomplishes exactly what you have in mind. With your in-depth knowledge of your market and our decades of expertise, together we’ll create stunning displays to boost your sales.

ELDS’ signature personal design approach is the focus on your brand, service, or product. We built the display for you, to work for you, and not to outshine the product being advertised. In our eyes, your product is the star of the show and we will take every step to ensure that our display will never usurp that attention. We want your customers to walk away from our display remembering your product, not the shelves it was sitting on.

If you choose to work with ELDS, Inc, you’ll receive:

  • A design experience completely customized to suit your needs
  • Extensive product inventory guaranteed to suit your needs
  • Access to Projecttrax project management software, which allows you and the design team to keep tabs on important project milestones and stay on top of deadlines
  • Customer service sincerely committed to being there for you—whatever you need
  • All design, fabrication, and printing done in-house on top-of-the-line equipment

Our expert design team is standing by to assist you with any and all trade show, convention, or retail marketing and display needs. If you’re ready to see what we can do for you, or if you have questions, call a representative today.