Looking to put your product out there—literally? Consider a POP display!

You’ve seen point of purchase (POP) displays everywhere: department stores, office supply retailers, drugstores, and even supermarkets have taken advantage of these displays to draw customer attention from the monotonous background of shelves or racks stocked with merchandise to some exciting new or popular product. POP displays have been used for decades, so let them work for you!

Of course, an effective display needs to match the product you’re advertising. A carefully and skillfully constructed display will work wonders for customer attraction, which in turn will increase your sales and improve your ROI. At ELDS, INC, we know that you know your market well. The years have given you rich ideas about how to make your product appealing—and we want to help you use those ideas to boost your sales and build your client base.

ELDS, Inc is best known for crafting unique displays to make its clients’ products stand out in the best way. We believe in offering our clients a personal approach to the display-building process, so we cut out the salesman middleman and engage the design team directly with the client so that together we can build a custom POP display that truly showcases your product. A beautiful display is great and you’ll want one to appeal to your audience, but our builders never forget that the real star of the show is your product. Collaborating with clients as much as possible is the best way to leave the long, meticulous design and build process with a guarantee that all parties will be enthralled with the result.

Since we believe strongly in giving you the best custom POP display possible, we don’t trust the printing—the most crucial component of the display—to anyone else. ELDS, Inc has professional large-format graphics printers to smoothly and beautifully take care of all of your printing needs, including both pop-up displays and pop-up panels. We print only on high-quality materials that are sturdy and durable enough to weather the rigors of trade shows and advertising life, so your POP display will serve you well for years. We know yours is the superior product, and that’s why we look forward to going the extra mile to create a professional and alluring custom POP display that will tell everyone who sees it that the best is right in front of them. Call today to get started.