Whether this will be your first or your thirtieth trade show or expo, you must have recognized at least one thing: a lot of vendors are throwing their information at attendees, and afterward it can be hard for those individuals to differentiate between the organizations vying for their attention.

Since the entire trade show approach to business is about attracting customers and increasing sales and ROI, you need to have a unique exhibit to get them to stop by in the first place, and to remember you when they’re ready to make a purchase. ELDS, Inc leads the industry of convention products and specializes in designing and building custom exhibits for diverse clients. We tend to avoid cookie-cutter designs because we want to give you an exhibit that’s individualized to best promote your company and your product.

When you contract with us, you’ll work directly with a design team that is committed to understanding your goals and accomplishing them. Our experts know that you know your market well and have ideas of the kinds of concepts that will work to create a professional and high-profile exhibit. Combining your ideas with our decades of experience will yield a completely custom exhibit that stands out on the showroom floor.

And even though we love building beautiful, top-of-the-line exhibits and displays for our clients, we never forget the most important part: it isn’t about the exhibit; it’s about the product or brand displayed inside. You don’t have to worry that your product will be overshadowed by our display; we’ll work hard to make sure that the exhibit complements and accents it without being overpowering or “too much”.

In terms of ownership: if you’re ready to purchase an exhibit and have the storage space ready, our account managers will be happy to skillfully guide you through the otherwise intimidating purchase process. But such a purchase is a big step, and if it isn’t the best option for you, ELDS, Inc offers flexible rental options to meet your exhibiting needs.

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us, and we don’t take chances by contracting out any portion of the project to another vendor. At ELDS, Inc we do all of our design, fabrication, and printing in house, using our professional large-format graphic printers to guarantee that your work comes out looking top-notch. Our commitment to excellent customer service will ensure that you’ll love the results. Give us a call today to discuss what we can do to help you have your best show experience yet.