Business is always going to be competitive, and a trade show or expo floor is always going to be a difficult place to navigate. With so much to see and information to absorb, attendees can easily get lost in the jumble of displays, booths, and exhibits, leaving them with no recollection of the superiority of your product or service over your competitors’.

Time for that to change. The design team at ELDS, Inc agrees that you should have the best custom trade show booth at the expo; not only does that mean having a state-of-the-art, head-turning visual appeal and professional atmosphere, but it also means that you should be completely satisfied with your display. That’s why the professionals at ELDS:

  • Have decades of experience in designing and building custom trade show displays
  • Work with a design-centered mentality to make your exhibit pop
  • Engage directly with the client to address the client’s desires and needs—no salesman middleman required

ELDS, Inc leads the industry thanks to the high-quality, beautiful displays it crafts to suit the flexibility, characteristics, and purposes of each client’s offering, but purchasing such a booth requires serious commitment to proper long-term care. If such a big step isn’t quite reasonable for you at this point, fear not: custom trade show display rentals afford you all the quality and professionalism you’d get if you purchased your booth instead. ELDS, Inc has a wide variety of size, layout, and color options for you to choose from, so we can construct for you a booth that’s all your own.

If you choose to rent, you will:

  • Get to be just as involved in the design process as you’d be if you planned to purchase your booth
  • Have the luxury of not fretting about installing the exhibit at the expo or show—just show up with your product and you’ll be ready to go

Rental booths come in two availabilities:

  • One-time use: you have the flexibility to pay for the booth for only the one show or expo that you need it for, without paying for storage like you’d have to if you owned it
  • Multi-rental method: more cost-efficient for clients, although it surrenders a bit of the booth’s customizability. Clients who choose the multi-use program agree to use the same booth at least three times within a two-year period

But, whether you need the display once or several times, all of ELDS’s booths are durable and will weather the passage of time exceptionally, so you’ll still have the same beautiful display whenever you’re ready for it. Call today to explore your options.