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Planning for your next trade show event? Consider a double deck trade show booth from ELDS, Inc! These prominent, proven solutions for trade shows across the nation fit in well with larger, Island-style booth spaces, but can also help presenters with smaller display footage maximize their space more efficiently. Visitors are welcome to move underneath and around the lower level, while the overhead space is used for one of several purposes, including:

  • A break area for team members to store their personal effects, computers, and other tools
  • Secure equipment or supply storage area, particularly valuable for those with very limited event spaces
  • A secluded meeting or conference area where priority visitors can ask questions at length or sign paperwork away from the noise and bustle of the main booth below.

At the same time, the sheltered area below the second deck can also provide a place of relative quiet where visitors can interact with staff members or demonstration models with a greater degree of peace and focus, and any walls created between the supports may be used as display space.
Designs are also available that utilize the elevated position of the second deck as a prominent display opportunity, with suspended banners, logo space, digital monitors, or projector screens—allowing presenters to command attention from across the exhibit hall.
Exhibitors should be aware that many cities, including Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago, and Los Angeles have regulations surrounding the use of temporary structures used at trade show events. Whether you intend to purchase or rent your double deck event display, the ELDS, Inc. display team can help you confirm that your display will be 100% in line and approved under these regulations.
For rental arrangements in particular, we will take responsible full responsibility for compliance engineering documents, insurance, set up, and tear down. This allows you and your team to focus on the important work that the tradeshow floor demands. For more information on double deck or two-story trade show booths and displays, contact the ELDS, Inc. team directly by calling (626) 969-3399 today!