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Fabrics had been in the trade show industry for some time no. most exhibitors prefer fabric printed graphic over the traditional paper or vinyl prints, Why? Size is usually one the of the most common answer. This implies these carefully created keeps running of texture pictures or outlines can basically make a runs like 40, 60, or even 100 feet wide. most fabric prints are restricted to 10 ft wide however seaming fabric can be easy and now you can run fabric to whatever size your heart desires

The process of installing fabric prints are much easier than the traditional panel prints or direct mount to structure Fabric can be mounted to your trade show display using a process call SEG ( Silicone Edge Graphics) this process included sewing silicone edge to fabric edge which is inserted into a metal channel to ensure a tight and taut fit

There a variety of fabric to print on from Canvas to Illuminated fabric, yes Illuminated fabric which is a fabric that can be rear lit ., unlike the traditional light box illuminated fabric can now replace the film once used in lightboxes no glass is need nor any defuser for the defuser is built into the fabric

Since the texture does not go under glass nor does it go up against arbitrary reflections inside a space nor get decimated by glare. Arbitrary edges of window light never obstruct the watcher’s capacity from seeing your image message.

Trade show goers or exhibitors now can rent their trade displays and purchase graphics to fit. The graphic can be rolled up and next show uses the same graphics again and again. no hassle of storage nor extra shipping cost client can hold on to their purchased graphics until next show


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