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Festivals and Trade Shows in 2015

Festivals and trade shows of various types provide meeting specific social and business needs, as well as means of highlighting a place or a business. Whether the festivals and trade shows focus on the trading aspects, which are usually the case, or concentrates on raising funds for a specific agenda, or simply an event of celebration, they can be an effective way of attracting enormous crowds and accomplishing a goal.

Every year, thousands of festivals and trade shows are held in the United States alone, ranging from festivals such as crafts festivals, ceramics festivals, chocolate festivals, beads festivals, tomato festivals, summer festivals, fall festivals, music festivals, wine festivals, beer festivals; it’s endless. Trade shows as well range from trade shows of food, agriculture, gardening, forestry, fishing, wines, electronics, computers, furniture, real estate, automotive, packing, shoes, hardware, video games, and various others.

The wide range of aspects and diversity of industries has created a variety of festivals and trade shows, which in turn has become one of a means of economic development that sets off a chain reaction not only for participants and exhibitors, but for the hosting place or venue’s financial system as well.

Generally, festivals and trade shows attract thousands of participants. In the case of festivals, visitors and partakers of the celebration usually do not come from the local community; most festivals draw the majority of visitors from other places. With that, it puts forward a great opportunity for the hosting place to boost its businesses such as hotels, restaurants, shopping stores, and other local businesses, including its transportation industry. It becomes an excellent source of generating revenues and heightening the area’s economy, which makes a good reason for its government to invest and make their festivals more appealing to visitors.

Trade shows on the other hand, has more or less the same concept; it’s all about generating more sales and attracting more customers to a company’s products. Exhibitors in trade shows put in thousands of dollars as well, with the expectation of being able to establish a favorable positioning of its products to the general buying public and prospective customers. They also attempt to build customer leads and feedback that are deemed essential for a growing company and the future success in their product developments and enhancements.

Festivals and trade shows, depending on how they are celebrated or presented, have one thing in common: it’s always about visitors and money.

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