Rent Your Trade Show Display

Want a Beautiful Trade Show Booth Without the Hassle?

With renting the burden is not in your hands. Renting gives flexibility, peace of mind, less hassle, and no fuss.

  • Remove risk of financial loss of a large investment
  • Choose from a wide variety of displays, formats and sizes.
  • Don’t worry about storage, maintenance, or preparation.
  • We’ll handle transportation and setup work for you.
  • It gives you more room to experiment without spending too much.
  • Look different at every show without purchasing every time


ELDS, INC rental trade show displays are an alternative and effective way to promote your company, products and services at a low cost. It is practical and enables you to be flexible, in fact, most companies really benefit from it.

Why?   Because you will spend a lot on things such as the storage, design, structure, promotional items, staff, transportation and many other expenditures.

You do not have to handle the repairs for damages as well as you do not have to worry about everything. 

In case you are thinking in purchasing a trade show display, do not forget that renting is always an option especially to those exhibitors who do not exhibit year round or simply wish to change their look from show to show.

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