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Tips for Successful Vendor’s Trade Shows

Vendor’s trade shows are one of the best marketing techniques for vendors to get in front of customers and prospective buyers in a moderately short time. It gives them the ‘face-to-face’ time they need to deliver their products features directly to buyers and describe their services as well. Vendor’s trade shows if done correctly can create lasting product impressions with customers and favorably position ones business in the market, thus giving that competitive edge and constructive business growth.

So how does a vendor do it the right way?

Here are some tips for successful vendors trade shows, which will make all the effort and expenses worth it:

Have plans and arrangements well in advance. To save problems and hassles at the show, vendors can take advantage of ‘early-bird’ discounts, and call to verify arrangements and coming of deliveries a week ahead to guarantee a smooth exhibition.

Obtain lead retrieval services. If offered from the show organizer and contract agencies, get lead retrieval systems, they can come in the form of card readers that can be used to collect essential company data about visitors to a vendor’s booth.

Provide an exclusive promotional item. The promotional product should generally be personalized with the company logo and name. A functional item that can be used by prospective customers or something edible is a good idea so that they would not have much to carry.

Prior to the show, get a list of pre-registered attendees. Using the list, mail the prospects a letter or direct mail piece to tell them about the company’s products and services, including the booth site and number.

Booth arrangement should be easily accessible for customers and prospects. Generally, visitors would want a booth that allows them to easily browse through the products, a table counter in façade usually put off a lot of booth passage.

The best company representatives should man the booth. The staff should be energetic and on their feet all day, greeting, talking, smiling, and selling, so expert and skilled representatives with ample product knowledge and enthusiasm are an excellent choice.

Be ready with on-hand product literature. Prospects with limited time have the opportunity to get detailed information of the company and read in detail later when they’ll have the time.

After the show, vendors should follow-up prospects. Thanking the prospect for stopping by the booth through a letter and company brochure is brilliant, followed by a sale representative calling them and discussing their possible needs.

Vendor’s trade shows are only successful if the vendor’s approach towards the shows is appropriate, realistic, and carefully planned. The shows can open the doors for gaining more new customers and sales, as well as tools for business growth.

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