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Exhibits and Displays Available for Next Years’ Consumer Electronics Show

Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was a record-breaking year. Over 18 days from first set up to final tear down more than 170,000 attendees from across the globe gathered on two and a half million net square feet of floor space, exhibiting and viewing cutting-edge consumer electronic devices and concepts aimed at transforming the market spaces of tomorrow.
In other words, CES was, is, and will be huge in terms of both sheer scope and opportunity, and the competition grows more intense every year.

Make It Count

If your company has an outstanding product or new innovation ready for the entire world to see during these few short days, then you need to make sure that it is highlighted and marketed in the best setting possible. And with the highly experienced and proven design team and fabricators at ELDS, Inc., you can.

Endless Options

Our stunning CES Trade show displays are available in a variety of styles with additional support and consultation available during the design, planning, and assembly stages. With an unmatched inventory and modern, in-house fabrication and printing services we’ll help you come up with a unique and custom-tailored booth that is then constructed, shipped, and assembled at the Las Angeles Convention Center in compliance with all applicable local regulations and event rules.

Above and Beyond

But our service goes beyond simply making a great booth made from great materials that are delivered on-time and in great condition. ELDS, Inc. also works to make sure that:

  • Your team is involved and fully up to date at every step of the purpose, thanks to our proprietary ProjectTrax project management system which provides regular updates and open channels for feedback and revision during the entire process.
  • Your booth is successful and memorable. We’ll offer suggestions and give you examples of booths that went above and beyond, showcasing an item or brand in a new way that drew attention and made a real impact in customers’ minds.
  • That your rental or purchase meets your needs during the next event and into the future.
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With decades of experience available ELDS, Inc. is the solution you need for CES Trade show exhibits and presentation equipment. So give us a call today at (626) 969-3399 to start your project