Trade Show Display Rentals

Imagination, creativity and productivity… “Some people see things and ask why? We design things that never were and ask why not?”

You Get Exactly What You Want with a Custom Trade Show Display

The New economy has forced exhibitors to look to our trade show display rental. Our rental trade show display program is second to non. We provide our clients with the option of a complete turn key service. The client show up with there trade show booth fully installed and ready for your product.

Unlike most trade show display rental programs ELDS, INC , Inc provides a custom design rental program that is unique to the client need . Yes, Custom designed features are added to our rental trade show displays. Just click on our design Request and send us your request and our designers will do the rest

Custom Displays Help You Stand Apart

Trade Show display rentals- Let us design your custom rental display booth. Rent one time or to really get the benefits of rental booth arrange for multi -rentals. All rental booths are custom designed to each client specific look. Never look like the other guy again. Most companies will never be able to tell that your booth is a rental ELDS, INC provides our clients with two different types of rental programs:

Standard one time rental: Our Client can choose to use our one time rental program. Use it at the show, pay only for the use of the booth, no storage or other cost as you would owning your own booth.

Multi-rental program: This is more cost efficient for our clients, We treat this program very similar to our custom built booth, making the booth look almost fully customized for the client. The client agrees to use the booth for at lease three shows within 2 year period. All of our booth weather one time or Multi-time rental, ELDS, INC can provide a full turn-key operation which includes complete set up and installation onsite.

ELDS, INC provides rental trade show displays that are all inclusive, we set up and dismantle in all majors states, We provide trade show display rentals in Las Vegas, Anaheim, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Florida San Diego, Boston, Just to name a few

ELDS’ Rental Trade show program offers a unique marketplace for essential booths and tradeshow services. Our display systems serve to showcase our clients products and services.. Why should you consider using ELDS for your needs? Answer: Creativity – Vision – Passion. We endeavor to perfect our designs and satisfying our clients. As the world evolves, so do we: yet, we remain driven by our passion for creating trade show displays, including hybrids offering meaningful solutions to our environment. – we enhance our clients’ company images, promote and increase sales and ROI. Concern for ROI permeates everything we build, it is the philosophy upon which ELDS Inc strives towards its goals. Fiscal realities require exhibitors to employ measures that impact the tradeshow industry, and in response, ELDS along with other providers have come up with some solutions…hybrid infusions.

Custom Displays come in all Shapes and Sizes.

Let Us Design a Trade Show Display to Your Exact Specifications

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