From the trade show booth backdrop to the hanging banner, ELDS, Inc provides comprehensive trade show booth displays with our clients’ needs first in mind.

The first priority for the designers at ELDS, Inc is to make sure that a trade show booth display enhances and compliments our client’s product or service, rather than taking away from it. While a booth should be eye-catching and should draw exhibitors to it among the sea of other booths nearby, a trade show booth should not detract from the real star of a client’s presentation: the product or service you are trying to promote.

The design team at ELDS, Inc is ready to craft all the pieces of a display that your company needs. Whether you need a booth to purchase for many future uses, a rental booth for one-time use, or the accessories and display pieces to complete your existing booth, ELDS, Inc can create custom designs or recommend the best components for your needs. Custom graphics can be used on almost any promotional exhibit materials and portable options are available.

ELDS, Inc knows that our clients need a booth that functions on multiple levels, and we know how to create a booth with both design and functionality in mind. The booth should represent the company or organization that it is created for first and foremost.

It should also be a place that is welcoming to exhibit or expo attendees, easy to find for clients or customers who are coming for meetings, and eye-catching for anyone who may be dropping by. Finally, it should function well for the team that it will house for the duration of the exhibit, conference, or expo. A company’s employees may be spending a few days’ worth of time in the booth by the end of your trip, so it should also offer some comfort.

Finally, ELDS, Inc knows that our clients are often busy professionals, and they’re ready to help make the fabrication and design process easy. Whether a client chooses a rental trade show booth or the custom trade show booth option, both come backed by ELDS, Inc’s personalized set-up and installation service. Company employees can arrive at an exhibit the day of the show with their booth primed and ready for service to trade show attendees.

The entire team at ELDS, Inc is ready to make our client’s visions for trade shows come true. Trade shows are an important time for businesses, as they meet clients, make new business connections, and spread the word about their brand. ELDS, Inc exists to make the entire process easier and to compliment our client’s product or service with an excellently crafted trade show exhibit on-demand.