Trade shows allow companies to showcase their achievements, reach out to new clients and customers, and build team member experience in a fun and high-intensity environment.

In fact, a successful trade show exhibit can reward brands with increased sales, referrals, and even new investing and partnerships. But trade show marketing comes down to more than just selling from a simple booth space and deciding on the best overall strategy can be a challenge for those unfamiliar with industry best practices or costs.

ELDS, Inc is well known as an outstanding trade show booth manufacturer. With a vast selection of components we are able to construct a trade show exhibit that tells your brand’s story, highlights a specific product in the context of its operation and value, or presents your organization in the best possible light. We work to understand your goals and offerings and use that information to create a design that showcases your brand without overshadowing it, and that works within your budget and time frame.

For over a quarter of a century we’ve been perfecting our trade show and event booth design process, and today our clients report tremendous success at events across all industries and occasions.

With ROI and utility as our main concerns, our designers respect your budget and work to create trade show booths that are successful, attractive, easy to use, and that contribute to your overall message and sales processes. Our designs are comprehensive, including backdrops, banners, panels, lighting, sound, and custom printed graphics fabricated in-house. Likewise, delivery, setup, and tear down services can customized to your needs, ensuring that your overall experience is as positive and hassle-free as possible.

And unlike other trade show booth manufacturers, ELDS, Inc always puts clients directly in touch with the actual designers working on their exhibit. You won’t be forced to work around a sales team or handler, allowing for greater accountability, access, and collaboration. ELDS, Inc is also proud to offer industry leading Projecttrax project management software, giving you better access than ever before to the creation process and ensuring that updates are always available when you need them.

You’ve worked hard to build your company’s brand and at ELDS, Inc we want to help you carry your message to the show floor and beyond. For more information or to discuss your trade show booth rental or sale needs, please contact an ELDS, Inc representative today.