ELDS, Inc is well known as an outstanding trade show rental display vendor. With a vast selection of components we are able to construct a trade show exhibit that tells your brand’s story, highlights a specific product in the context of its operation and value, or presents your organization in the best possible light.

For your company, the trade show booth is home base for the duration of the show. It needs to function on multiple levels for your employees as well as the customers you hope to attract. ELDS, Inc can help you design and construct trade show displays that will attract attention, welcome visitors, and contribute to sales presentations throughout the length of the event.


In order to keep your business strong it is necessary to keep the customer’s experience foremost in your mind. A trade show booth display should stop someone in their tracks. But with so many attendees mingling around the floor, browsing the exhibit, how can you stand out? ELDS, Inc can make your trade show booth shine among the rest with their unique designs using stunning banners, unique construction, and countless customizable options.


ELDS, Inc knows that the booth should not outshine the product or service that it represents. With ELDS, Inc you’ll work directly with a designer, rather than a sales representative, to make that happen. Our team members seek to understand the core principles of your company and the dreams you have for your product or service. They will ensure that your product is the highlight of your trade show presentation as they craft a booth to compliment it.


A trade show booth from ELDS, Inc can serve many purposes. Need a podium for an employee presenter to be stationed behind? How about a sitting space where an employee could take a potential client for a quick chat? How about a space to display your project or information about your service?


Booking, renting, or purchasing your trade show booth should not be a stressful. The team at ELDS, Inc will walk you through every step along the way. We will help you choose the right type of booth or other presentation display for your company. Our team works alongside you to create a unique design for your booth and promotional display pieces.

You’ll also be given assistance with keeping the project on track, so everyone understands that deadlines are met and components of the project can be handed off seamlessly.

For more information or to discuss your trade show booth rental or sale needs, please contact an ELDS, Inc representative today.