Will your trade show stands attract positive attention? How memorable will they be? Will they be portable, allowing for easy transportation and set-up? What will your display as a whole convey about your organization?

Building a brand in the highly competitive trade show floor environment is a challenge, but one that can be overcome. ELDS, Inc is a leader in trade show stands and exhibit design. Our designers are committed to helping you develop the absolute best trade show exhibit on time, on budget, while yielding the best ROI possible.

We have access to a wide variety to trade show stands to meet any purpose and complement any booth or exhibit design.

High quality graphics and logo design services are available, with manufacturing completed in house to provide greater control and flexibility throughout the project design process.

As an innovator in the trade show exhibit industry, ELDS, Inc hosts designers who are current and up to date with the latest concepts, trends, and strategies operating on trade show floors around the world, allowing us to meet diverse challenges in new and creative ways.

But the latest ideas don’t help you unless they are formatted in such a way as to best frame and accentuate the purpose and quality behind your new product, brand, or organization.

This is why ELDS, Inc puts its designers directly in touch with our clients, not forcing you to work through sales teams or handlers, but allowing you immediate access to the talented men and women charged with bringing your event booth to life.

With leading project management software available and a strong focus on overall utility and ROI, our process has resulted in many of the best and most effective trade show exhibits on the ground today.

For over a quarter of a century ELDS, Inc has been providing modern trade show and retail solutions for companies and organizations interested in best presenting their product, brand, or service to potential customers on the event floor.

Whether you are looking to buy or rent lightweight, affordable solutions to highlight a new service, or need a major, headlining exhibition sure to attract heavy traffic, the team at ELDS, Inc is here to assist you. We’ll help you decide on the best trade show strands for your purposes with flexible pricing, custom designs, and outstanding customer service.

For more information or a custom quote please contact ELDS, Inc to discuss your current project today. Consultations are available on request.