If you’ve ever exhibited at a trade show, you know that there are companies that go all out on their booth design and there are those whose booths just fall flat. So how do you design a winning trade show booth that will draw in new clients and still engage the existing ones? Where should you turn to set up a killer, eye-catching, business-generating trade show booth?

ELD, INC offers a wide selection of display materials backed with comprehensive design services and in-house fabrication and production. From logos to material selection, space planning, schematics, layouts, and custom printing we are able to provide you with incredible trade show booths for purchase or rental. Our team of talented designers will work with you to learn your product, brand, and organization and design an exhibit that is cohesive and accents your company identity.

Message and Branding:

On the trade show floor it is important to have your very best team members on the ground from day one. Because trade show events often limit interactions to less than five minutes, it is vital that you have a booth that invites interested customers in and makes them feel welcome while still holding their attention. Materials must be created that assist your salesmen in their conversations, providing good visual aids and laying a clear foundation for product or brand knowledge from the first moment a visitor stumbles across your booth.


There’s tough competition for prize giveaways at trade shows, and team members need to be able to move freely while easily accessing any number of materials from secure and hidden storage areas. We work to develop comprehensive designs which are easy to present from and maximize comfort and utility. From storage, to traffic flow, to point of sale, we can work with you to develop the best looking and most usable design possible.

Customer Service:

Other trade show exhibit companies force clients to deal exclusively with sales staff, limiting collaboration. At ELDS, Inc our designers work directly with clients, homing in on your ideal booth and offering the right solutions for your product, brand, or service. With designs available for both rental and sale our clients are free to pursue a right trade show solution that maximizes their return on investment and ease of use. Additionally, our industry-leading Projecttrax project management system makes keeping track of your orders, offering feedback, and requesting updates on your projects easier than ever. To learn more, contact one of our representatives now to discuss your trade show booth needs.