in trade show tips by Dexter Powell

A Few Things for First-Time Exhibitors to Note
Gearing up for your first trade show? If you’ve never exhibited before, you’re in luck. A trade show can be one of the most lucrative, exciting, and critical events in a business organization’s schedule. But success, by any measure, is never guaranteed. It takes preparation, training, and more than a little bit of grit to survive the frantic crowds and rapid-fire interactions that trade shows require.

It also takes a great display or booth that attracts visitors’ attention and offers good flow and clear visual lines. So here are a few FAQs and other notes that first time exhibitors should know before they order their trade show booth:
Whether you Rent or Buy Will Completely Change Your Design
When an exhibitor buys a trade show booth or display they usually do so under the assumption that they will be using it to present at several (4+) events that year. This fact should informal number of design and construction choices, as the entire system will need to be portable and optimized for easy set-up and tear-down at a number of different events.
Trade show exhibits rentals are cheaper in the short term (usually roughly a quarter of the cost of purchasing the same display outright) and can be more exhaustively tailored for the particular event they are destined for. Both options are of course available from ELDS, INC.
Printing your own Materials can be a Bad Idea
Trade shows are big, busy environments. Printing your own materials in=house or at the office supply store down the street may sound like a cost saver, but unless you have a modern, high definition fabric printer the results may not hold up on the trade show floor. For more information or samples, contact an ELDS, Inc. representative.
Presenting is a Learned Process
Each exhibitor’s experience is different, and even with the assistance of a qualified trade show exhibit designer you probably won’t get everything right the first time. Trade show exhibit rentals can give you and your team a comparatively inexpensive way to try out a larger or smaller booth configuration so you can then fine-tune things for future events. Contact an ELDS, INC. representative today with any questions you may have at (626) 969-3399!