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Try it Before You Buy it With ELDS, Inc.

Trade shows are crowded, busy, expensive events but they can have a tremendous impact on your organization’s long-term market impact. After all, where else can you directly interact with hundreds or thousands of prospects in your industry or market in a single day in order to generate leads?
The display you use to set the stage during these events does matter, as a great display can and will draw in much more attention and make a greater impression with prospective clients. However, expensive double deck or island-style displays have a steep upfront investment cost. For this reason, many trade show event managers opt to rent trade show displays before committing to buy the design they prefer for permanent use.

Benefits of renting a trade show display include:No Storage Costs
While some companies have trade show teams crisscrossing the globe every week, others only do a few or even one big show a year. While rental costs can add up quickly for the former (making a purchase a more economical option) the trouble of packing and storing a display likely makes renting a better option for anyone with a lighter event schedule.

Transport and Setup Crew
With a trade show rental from ELDS, Inc. you don’t have to worry about transportation or booth set up arrangements. Your booth will be there when you need it. We take care of everything, leaving you with one predictable upfront cost and no surprises.

Different states and convention centers have different regulations regarding labor, structure approvals, fire alarms, fire escapes, power, and more. ELDS, Inc. has extensive experience meeting these regulations and ensuring that our clients have no booth-related headaches before the show begins.

Didn’t like your last booth set up? Custom trade Show display rentals give you and your team the freedom to try different designs and strategies, even tailoring your particular booth size and layout to fit different showroom floors or layouts. Rent as you need and only purchase when you are completely sold on the perfect design.
To speak to our exert design team about your booth rental needs or ideas, or to receive a free estimate, call ELDS, Inc. today at (626) 969-3399!