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Trade shows are more or less like a market where businessmen directly look for relevant customers in their specified industries, and a trade show display is a device meant to create a statement so as to attract customers. It is a kind of graphic display that is available in different types.

Trade show display is a cost-effective way of conveying your message among the customers present in the trade show and attract potential clients, and ELDS, INC can help you in more than one ways in doing the same. Whether you aim to increase revenue or advertise your product or service, choosing the right trade show display is really important. Trade show display rentals are available as well and you can choose one as per your requirements. Here are some of the common types of trade show displays:

Tabletop display: This is one of the most common trade show displays that you possibly have come across. Tabletop displays are portable and lightweight; these are a small framework made of metal on which graphic panels are attached with the help of magnets or Velcro. Such a set-up can be easily assembled and disassembled. As clear from the name, these are placed over a table which often is provided by the show contractor.

Table covers: This is yet another cheap way of advertising for your products or services. You are likely to get a table free with the exhibit space that you rent. You can use the top of your table as a tool for branding. Make use of a custom-made graphic table cover to let your visitors know what you are selling.

Tabletop displays and table covers have become a passé now and businessmen have resorted to modern form of trade show displays mostly and some of them include:

Pop-up displays: Also known as portable displays and pull-up display, such a trade show display makes use of a flexible graphic panel placed over a spring roller. At the time of display, the graphic needs to be pulled up and there is a post at the back of the roller, which is used to secure the graphic so that it stays taut. Graphics in this case can be custom printed and you can also keep on attaching new graphics each single day.


Banner Stands: These are also similar to pop-up but consists of a single graphic supported in a single standing frame. The frames can be of various types such as motorized scrolling, retractable, cable, etc. In case of LED and TV screens, heavy duty frames are used.

Panel & Frame systems: This is another common trade show display that you get to see if you frequent trade shows. Panel and Frame systems consist of interconnected panels that join together to form a freestanding room. These are not readily available and need to be constructed then and there.

This is based on the best of pop-ups and panel and frame displays. It is a series of lightweight frames along with displays that cover the exhibition space. These can be easily configured and reconfigured and are also portable. When you choose modular displays, you have an infinite choice as far as height, width, and lengths of your exhibit is concerned.

Custom: These either need to be rented or purchased. The custom displays are available in variety of shapes and sizes. Variety of materials are used in the construction; they usually incorporate wall panels to create stages and separate rooms and other different types of display components.  With custom trade show display, you get exactly what you are looking for

ELDS INC is one name that you can trust as far as trade display displays are concerned. Unique designing and various options make them a great choice.

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