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Las Vegas has long been the #1 trade show destination in America, and it’s easy to see why! Flights are cheap and plentiful, hotels sprawl across the city, and there’s more to see and do at all hours of the day and night than even the most ambitious company man could conquer. In fact, the so called “Las Vegas” effect has been known to increase event attendance in the city by 10% compared to other venues.
But with so much going on it is dangerously easy to get overwhelmed and burnt out while in the Las Vegas trade show grind, leaving exhibitors feeling stretched thin and worn down when they leave—instead of energized and pumped to follow up on new leads. So, in order to streamline the process, here are 7 tips for surviving a Las Vegas Trade show!
Start Early!
Planning an exhibit in Las Vegas can be tricky, as many conference and venue discounts are time-sensitive and important resources like labor, reservations, and special events sell out fast. Take care of details months in advance (6+ months whenever possible) and don’t risk missing any deadlines.
Train and Set Mission Goals
Vegas is full of distractions that your staff can ill-afford on the trade show floor. Train beforehand and make expectations and schedules very clear to prevent short-handedness and optimize lead generation.
Use your mailing list and let customers (present and future) know where your company will be, what you will be up to, and why they should be there. Incentives are great, and reminders across social media can be an important stimulus to boost attendance as well. Don’t miss this great chance to make face-to-face connections!
Use the Host Hotel
While there may be cheaper rooms elsewhere in the city, staying at the main hotel makes commuting to bed and back easy for tired booth staff. It can also provide unique opportunities to hobnob with industry movers and shakers at the hotel bar or other events only a few floors away.
Consider Renting your Equipment
Vegas has a unique landscape when it comes to booth installations and set-ups. Union labor teams handle much of the work with strict restrictions placed on exhibitors. This makes trade show display rentals in Las Vegas a great option, as your supplier gets to handle the shipping and installation arrangements while you and your designer focus on customizing and fine tuning your display to best meet your needs.
Good luck, and remember to contact an ELDS, INC. team member for more information at (626) 969-3399!